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Hi, my name is Wendy. Born in Philadelphia, grew up in Levittown, Pa.  I am the pet sitter in Philadelphia. I began my career as a head teacher at the Goddard school and then transitioned into a part time Vet Tech with VSEC hospital in Langhorne, Pa.

I have several years experience pet sitting for friends and family as well as two years experience working at Veterinary Specialist Emergency Clinic (VSEC) before beginning work as a pet sitter Philadelphia.   I love dog sitting, making new pet buddies, and want to ensure they are as happy as can be. Prior working experience  classes have taught me how to interact with pets that may be a bit timid, or shy with new individuals.

My favorite moments as a professional pet sitter in the Philly area has to be the personal relationships I create over a long period of time.  I specialize in special needs pets and administering medications. Although dog sitting has its challenges once in a while, this client feedback about me makes it all worth while.

Wendy sends me daily photos of my dog Dallas.  I receive a detailed report of how each visit goes and I could tell that he is being well taken care of mid day when she comes.  I’ve texted Wendy numerous of times when I am stuck at work, and Wendy comes to the house and feeds Dallas dinner.  I am very happy with my services”. – Christine T.

I am also a mother of two. In my spare time, I love to go to the beach and spend time with my bf! I am also currently a director of my daughters soft ball team. Tristan (the owner of Sitters4Critters) was so generous to sponsor our softball team, he seems to LOVE to be involved in community.

-Wendy Pet Sitter Philadelphia

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