25 Cool Dog Facts You Wish You Knew About!

Over the past few years, researchers have studied more than 36 different types of dogs. And, it is quite interesting to note that most of these varieties behave indifferently during certain situations. Just like human beings, dogs tend to suffer jealousy. The cute little furry friends can turn into annoying, green-eyed monsters in no time! However, there are few lesser known facts about man’s best friend. And, this article will give you a comprehensive insight through these facts! Some are known theories, while others can surprise you extensively.

Fact #1 – No Guiltiness 

Do you know that dog’s cannot feel guiltiness? Unlike jealousy, dogs are nowhere close to guilt. Research states that dog’s respond differently when someone close scolds them. This is because they never feel guilt. Dogs look guilty only when they are refused something!

Fact #2 – Corroding Metals

Dog urine is a powerful solution that can corrode metals instantaneously. If you let your furry friend wee near a street lamp post, you are doing a “big” crime! This is because dog wee is acidic and can corrode the lamp-post.

Fact #3 – Eye Sight

Gone are the days when man believed that dogs cannot see color! Well, dogs can see few colors other than black and white. Though not as sharp and vividly as man, dogs can see shades! This is because dogs have only 2 cones in their retina (humans have three). Conversely, dogs can see yellow and blue quite clearly. On the other hand, they cannot identify a difference between green and red.

Fact #4 – Untrained Doctors!

Dogs are untrained doctors! They can identify the presence of diseases quite easily. If something is going to be wrong with you, dogs can spot it. Researchers at the Schillerhohe Hospital proved that dogs are capable of identify a wide range of smells (organic composites) that can state if a person’s body is working fine or not! Thus, your little furry friends can actually diagnose cancer and diabetes too!

Fact #5 – Smartness Unleashed

Dogs can be as smart as a three year old kid. This is a declarative statement made by researchers at the American Psychological Association. Some dog breeds can remember and understand up to 250 words; whereas, golden retrievers, German shepherds and Dobermans are cleverer.

Fact # 6 – Wag, Wag, Wag!

Finally, dogs with wagging tails are not really happy. This is a golden myth that has being proved wrong! Tail wagging is a mode of language. Mostly, dogs wag their tails to the right when they feel delighted. On the contrary, they wag to their left when they sense fear and discomfort.