Stay Toasty!

Winters in the Northeast can be downright nasty to humans and pets alike. The snow can be dangerous, but as long as you’re prepared, you and your pet will stay safe and warm.

With Winter Weather Preparedness Week upon us, Sitters4Critters is proud to offer a few life hacks for making it through the next winter!

  • Pets have varying levels of cold tolerance just like humans do; their fur or feathers or scales won’t keep everything out, after all. Keep walks outside brief and be careful on the ice with older pets as they’re more subject to injury from slipping and falling.
  • If you park your vehicle outside, be sure to bang on the hood before starting your car to scare away any critters that might be hiding among the inner workings of your car, looking for warmth.If you take your pet outside for a walk, be sure to wipe its feet when you come back inside. This will prevent them from ingesting anti-ice chemicals like anti-freeze or deicers when they clean themselves.
  • Have a blizzard kit ready for your pet, including food, water, medicine and some toys to keep their little minds busy. Be sure to keep some warm bedding nearby, too, in case the heat is not working properly.
3 of the Best Winter Pet Tips You Can Find

3 of the Best Winter Pet Tips You Can Find


You and your pet can enjoy the winter wonderland as long as you know your limits! And if you go away for the holidays and need someone to look after your pet, give Sitters4Critters a call!