National Check the Chip Day

For decades, the old fashioned dog tag was the way to get a pet back that had been lost or stolen. However, tags and custom pet collars do not work very well for most types of pets and having your street address and contact information getting into the hands of the wrong people is not a good idea. Plus, tags can get separated from the pet as well.

Enter the microchip, a piece of new technology that not only acts as identification, but it can also help you find your pet faster in case they have been lost or stolen.  However, even microchips are not infallible because they can become outdated when the family moves or the contact information has changed which makes the microchip virtually worthless.

What is National Check the Chip Day?

National Check the Chip Day Philadelphia was established by veterinarians to remind the public that microchip data will need to be updated in case there have been changes made to your location or contact information. The beauty of microchips is that they will be with your pet as long as they live. However, they will not be very useful if the information on them is not properly updated.

It’s certainly understandable why so many people forget to update the information on the microchip. A long move into a new location or changing contact information will not generally bring the thought that the microchip in the pet is now outdated.

This is why National Check the Chip Day Philadelphia was established, to act as a reminder that your pet may need its microchip updated which can be done fairly simply by a visit to your vet. The information can be updated in just a few minutes and soon your pet will have accurate address and contact information thanks to the update. August 15th is the day everyone is reminded to check their pet’s information.

Why Checking the Chip is Important

All you need to do is check the microchip information with the pet’s registration to see if they are properly updated. Once you confirm that the information is out of date, you can make an appointment with the vet to ensure that it gets properly updated.

National Check the Chip Day Philadelphia was not only established to remind people to check the chip on their pets, but also to encourage those who have yet to put a microchip in their pets to do so. The microchip itself is simple to have put into your pet and provides them with permanent identification that will help in their safe return. With a national database and information that will not get corrupted or lost, having your pet chipped is one of the best things that you can do for them and will provide you with peace of mind as well.

In the Philadelphia area, you are encouraged to get your pet a chip in case they are lost or stolen. A pet with a microchip can make all the difference in finding your pet. Be sure to check with the local veterinarian in your Philadelphia neighborhood so that you find out more information on having your pet provided with a microchip or having it updated.

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