5 Quick Reasons Why Senior Dogs Are Awesome

As winter (yes, that dreaded “w” word) settles in for November, Sitters4Critters Philadelphia, honors the dogs in their winter of their lives!

November is the ASPCA’s Senior Pet Month, and there are plenty of reasons to love (or adopt) a senior pet!


  • Since your pet is fully developed, there’s a predictability that makes welcoming a new pet into your home a much easier and less intense transition.
  • Because older dogs are less wild and rowdy than their youthful counterparts, they are easier to train! You won’t have to spend every waking moment watching their every move, and you can teach an old dog new tricks!
  • Older pets make themselves at home much easier than younger critters.
  • You won’t have to worry about messes if your pet is already housebroken!
  • Older pets don’t need as much activity and exercise as younger dogs and cats. They simply don’t have the energy, which makes them a good choice for older pet owners and those who can’t spend a great deal of time exercising their pets.


You can adopt an older pet right here in our service area!  Just click here, here or here to learn more!