Happy Healthy Cat Month

5 Quick Tips Happy Healthy Cat Month!: A month for Cats? Yes, you heard it right, a month for cats. But, this is not just any ordinary month; it focuses on keeping your pet cat happy and healthy. After all, a member of your family deserves to stay happy and healthy.

5 Quick Tips Happy Healthy Cat Month!

Our main focus this month is to make cats feel happy, healthy, enriched and valued. In order to achieve that, one must be informed about the steps that one can take and should take. We here at CATalyst council focus on helping cat sitters and owners on how to keep their cat healthy and calm. A restless cat leads to things falling off of tables, scratched faces, disorganized living room and ultimately a restless owner or cat sitter. Stay calm and keep your cat calm. So how does one lead a stress free life when a cat is around?

5 Quick Tips Happy Healthy Cat Month!

Most of the people in Philadelphia with happy cats have the answer to this question. Cat sitters in Philadelphia have followed the ‘keep your cat healthy and enriched’ regime, which has rendered them with an easy and happy life with cats. Philadelphia cat sitters have cut out the restlessness by following our advice.

We have dedicated this entire month to cat sitters and cat owners who are concerned about their cat and wish to do more for them. Every week, a particular theme is concentrated upon, providing the people with some spice and variety rather than the same usual boring theme throughout the month.

Some of the general key things that we recommend and one must do in this month are given below:

  • Take your cat to the veterinarian: Healthy cats are happier than those that are unhealthy. Moreover, you might not detect some infections or diseases that the veterinarian can and it is probably safe for you and your cat to get him/her checked. During your visit to the vet, it would be best if you took some advice from him/ her as well on how to keep your cat healthy and happy.
  • Prevention is better than cure: Provide your cat with preventive medications, because your cat doesn’t like fleas and mites more than you do. They are sure to render your cat restless and it is best if you keep your cat free from those parasites by taking preventive measures early on.
  • Help your cat explore: Cats are perhaps the most curious creatures on the planet; they like to explore a lot. Every cat has its own method of exploring. Experiment with new ways and new toys to help your cat explore and keep her occupied.
  • Don’t make your cat obese: Carve out an innovative method for your cat to eat food, such that he would have to work and earn his food. But, make sure you don’t render him skinny in this endeavor.
  • Scratching areas and cat carriers: Provide specific scratching areas in and around your house, so that your sofa won’t have to cry anymore. Stay determined and get your cat accustomed to the carrier. Experiment with different ones until your cat and you are comfortable with travelling together with your cat in it.

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