6 Reasons Mutts Are Awesome Companions

Ridgeback- 6 Reasons Mutts Are Awesome Companions

Ridgeback- 6 Reasons Mutts Are Awesome Companions

6 Reasons Mutts Are Awesome Companions:

To celebrate National Mutt Day and our favorite mixed-breed furry friends, let’s look at the best reasons to adopt a mutt today!

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• Mutts are adaptable. Because they are not necessarily hard-wired into a particular temperament, set of health issues or skill set, mutts are more able than most purebreds to adapt to a number of home situations.
• Mutts come in all shapes and sizes. Since mutts are mixtures of breeds of every shape, size and appearance, by choosing to adopt a mixed-breed dog, you can choose a dog with any number of the characteristics you look for in a furry friend!
• Mutts tend to be healthier. Studies throughout North America and Europe indicate that mixed-breed dogs are not as suspect to breed-specific health issues (hip problems in German Shepherds, for example). Mutts may have longer lives than purebreds due to their varied ancestry.
• They can still be trained as service dogs or athletes. Mixed breeds are recognized as legitimate candidates in dog competitions and in service dog training schools all over the country.
• Most shelter mutts are already housebroken. Gone are the days of carpet-urine-phobia (a totally legitimate, veterinarian-recognized term)! Most mutts in shelters are there because they had to be given away, which means most of them already have some degree of house training.
• They’re easier on the wallet. Mutts tend to be less expensive to adopt from a shelter; purebreds from reputable breeders could run in the thousands of dollars, whereas animal shelters would ask for a reasonable donation in exchange for a dog’s new home.


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Colleen Paige – founder of National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Puppy Day and other pet holidays – also founded National Mutt Day – July 31 and December 2 – in 2005. You can learn more about the special day here.

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