6 Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas in Your Dog

A flea infestation can ruin you and your dog’s health and happiness. Since dogs cannot get rid of fleas themselves, the following guide offers you several ways to prevent and treat fleas in your four-legged family member.

6 Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas in Your Dog

1. Regular Health Check-ups

Regular check-ups at the veterinarian are crucial to keeping your dog, not only free from fleas but also away from other parasites. Vets know about the best flea fogger that are effective for pets’ health. It’s then vital to inquire about flea prevention and control measures from them during this visits.

2. Flea Injections

Flea injection is one of the most essential methods of controlling flea. It helps to instantly get rid of fleas on dogs and prevent further reproduction. Some recommended products for flea injections include Novartis and Frontline. They remain active for at least six months to prevent future infestations. Talk to your vet for proper guidance on how to use them.

3. Backyard Prevention

Most flea treatment measures like flea injections kill the fleas that are on your dog. However, fleas can still be in your backyard waiting to attack your dog. It’s important to take steps to prevent your yard from being infested with fleas.

You can have a flea-free yard by restricting the animals that have access to your yard as they are the primary source of a significant number of fleas eggs. Avoid leaving food in the yard that will attract fleas. Clean trash from your yard and also keep your lawn cut short.

You can also consider planting flea-repellents in your yards such as lemon balm, lemongrass and rosemary. Fleas don’t like these plants and, as a result, they will stay away. Planting these plants near your windows and doors will keep your home free from flea hence keeping your dog safe.

Spraying your yard with garlic water is also considered the best way of naturally preventing fleas attacking your dog. You can boil garlic in water and leave it soaking overnight. Spray it to your lawn the next morning using a garden sprayer. This will kill any flea that will be inhabiting the area hence ensuring the safety of your dog.

4. Take a Pill

Similar to flea injections, pills can be a way to prevent flea infestations in your pet. Comfortis chewable tablets kill fleas and are indicated for the prevention and treatment of flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis) on dogs and cats for one month.

5. Try a Lemon Bathe

This flea prevention method uses lemon to control flea infestations. All you need to do is slice up a lemon and place it in boiling water. After a few minutes, turn off the heat and leave the water to cool overnight. In the morning, use this water to bathe your dog.

You can also use the lemon to enhance your dog’s shampoo. This can be done by adding a half a cup of your dog’s shampoo to a freshly squeezed lemon juice. Pour this mixture into a bottle containing two cups of water and use it to bathe your dog every week.

6. Wash your Dog’s Bedding

Regularly wash all of your dog’s bedding and any other fabric your pet is likely to use. Use a strong detergent when cleaning your dog’s bedding when trying to get rid of flea eggs and larvae. It’s also advisable to use the dryer on maximum heat for best results.

Fleas are very dangerous as they can transmit diseases to your dog and family. To ensure your pet remains flea-free and happy, consider trying some of these methods to your regular dog-care routine. By doing so, you will get rid of fleas and keep your dog healthy and happy.

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