All About ASPCA’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

June is termed as the amazing kitten season, when more and more people prepare themselves to adopt the furry little creatures or re-home dogs or cats. While, the process of adopting kittens might sound cute; however, the task is filled with many unforeseen complications and decisions. And, this is why special organizations like the ASPCA have exquisite adopt a shelter cat programs. During this month animal shelters are flooded with kittens and their mothers, who require special attention, medical treatments and good space. In simpler terms, the month is significant for cats that need homes (permanent).

Special Accommodation

For every new kitten the shelter takes in, a fresh adoption room is arranged. This is why the ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter cat month is very tricky and tiresome. Workers at the shelter should devour lots of time and energy identifying a good place for the kittens. This spreads a wave of hard work and exorbitant amounts of expenses. Luckily, the organization works in conjunction with ardent animal lovers, who are prepared to go an extra mile for the young cats. In fact, the closed community is loaded with sophisticated advices and ideas on how to make the life of cats easier. If you love cats, ASPCA will definitely make June a wonderful month for you. Not to forget, they increase the number of animal shelters everywhere in June.

ASPCA’s vivid summer forecast would be cats, kittens and more animals! And, June 1st is when their mission kick starts. The cat month enlightens and encourages new kitten adopters.

The Organizations!

The ASPCA Animal Hospital and Kitten nurseries are prepared with lots of care during this time of the year. As kittens flock into the nursery, the ASPCA Adoption Center scans for potential adopters. If you are a member of the ASPCA foundation, you can always introduce more people into the venture and promote kitten adoption.

How You Can Help!

So, how can you work in hands with ASPCA? Here are three simple steps:

  • Firstly, adopt a kitten! This is the simplest yet biggest help you can ever do. You can always make a difference by adopting or gifting kittens.
  • Next, enroll into the “Litter for Kitties” competition. Here, you can provide fresh litter to any of your much loved animal shelters.
  • Finally, team up with the ever-famous Jackson Galaxy and take a pledge. This is an awesome way to rescue kittens in the long run!