Your dog needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Vets recommend approximately 30 minutes of walking per day for most breeds. Even small toy breeds need exercise beyond running around in the house. Puppies do well with three short walks per day. Sitters for Critters can provide that extra walk in the middle of the day, so your workday can proceed uninterrupted. Here are a few of the many benefits your dog gets from daily walks:

1. Reduced risk of diseases caused by obesity (including diabetes, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease).
2. Daily exercise keeps muscles and joints healthy, reducing the risk of arthritis.
3. Energy is released in a positive way, and well-exercised dogs are less likely to be destructive.
4. Just like with people, exercise reduces stress and promotes mental health.
5. Far less messes in the house.
6. Bonding time for you and your dog!

Remember to give your dog plenty of fresh drinking water before and after walks to keep your pup hydrated and prevent overheating.


Written by:  Ariel Guterman