Best Cat Home: Creating & Considering Feline Safe Place

Best cat homes: Indoor felines liver longer, well lives than their outdoor identical family members. To make sure your indoor kitten also experience a happy life, you should provide the best cat home. Simply put, you should be considering cats needs and normal behaviors to ensure excellent health and well-being for your kitty.

Creating the Best Cat Home Safe Place:

  • Add safe, comfy, quiet places where your feline can relax and not be disturbed by all the activity from everyday life.
  • Make sure your home has plenty of shelves, cat trees, towers, or high perches so your kitty can view the living space.
    • Make the perches inviting by adding some padding to their bed. Fleece blanket or towel works great.
    • Give your cat a window lounge area to view the outdoors and sun bath.
  • Place scratching posts/pads (which function as feline stretch/pedi stations. Spreading these out in high traffic and near your cats beloved resting spots are big.
  • Make sure to offer enough litter boxes. (As many litter boxes as you have cats, plus one). Spread these litter pans in various parts of your home.
    • Most cats prefer clumping litter. Litter boxes should be cleaned daily.
  • Consider purchasing or growing wheat grass. They are sold in pet or grocery stores. They serve as great treats your best friend can nibble on.

Best Cat Home Interactions:

Make sure your feline’s indoor world is more lively so there is more hope to be more active and committed.

  • Use laser lights, flickering feathers, tossing crumpled paper, or everyday toys and cat nip.
  • Have your kitten search for daily meals.
    • Cat puzzle toys are a simple and easy ways to make it interesting.
    • Stage a food hunt by hiding meal portions around your home.
  • Move or add one piece of cat furniture to the room every week.
    • An empty box can be a creative “new furniture” for your cat.
    • Stirring around their cat trees can arouse and keep your kitty interested.
    • If your cat loves to cuddle, make sure there is time to snuggle as well!

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