Best Family Dogs: Top 5 Tips Choosing to Adopt

Choosing a dog breed is easy for a single person, but if that person has a family with kids, he or she needs to pick a dog pet more wisely. Getting or adopting a dog a pet for your family (if you have one) is like having a new family member. To avoid problems, you need to choose a dog that can go along with families- especially kids. You need to adopt the best dog for your family- Sitters4Critters can also assist you with local rescues in the area if you’re looking to adopt.

Best Family Dogs: Top 5 Tips Choosing to Adopt

1. American Water Spaniel

This is a dog that bred and used for hunting as well as retrieving waterfowl. Today is a family pet, and its retrieval skills make the canine good at playing fetch. The American Water Spaniel also excels at dog sports like hunt tests, obedience trials, agility contests and swimming. The dog is also good at tracking, therapy sessions and search and rescue operations.

The American Water Spaniel can be a watchdog as well since it tends to bark at unfamiliar people and sounds. However, they can be very friendly with people that they are familiar with.

2. Baset Hound

Another dog breed that was bred to be a hunter of small game (and still used as a hunter today) as well as fulfilling the role of a family pet. The Baset Hound as a pet is placid, loyal, friendly and calm in temperament. At the same time, the dog has keen senses for hunting small game like rabbits. If you want both a pet and a hunting dog, the Baset Hound is the pet for you.

Baset Hounds eat a lot, so it is advisable to give them regular exercises. Since Baset Hounds are pack dogs, they need companionship with their family and can get along with other animals. So don’t leave the dog alone for extended periods of time since they can be destructive.

3. Beagle

If you are looking for a dog that is a hardy, active, small and fun-loving pet for your family, the Beagle is a perfect choice. The Beagle is also a scent hound so it can track small game like rabbit and hare just like the Baset Hound. The Beagle has that soft pleading expression on its face which makes the dog adorable and appealing.

Like any pack dog, the Beagle must not be left alone, and it also needs regular exercises. Due to the dog’s sensitive nose, the Beagle also works as a sniffer of contraband in airports.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese belongs to the Swiss Mountain dogs’ types, and there is four of their kind. The dog is calm, intelligent, sturdy as well as friendly making it an ideal dog for herding and drafting. You can see the Bernese working herding cattle, pulling carts and guarding its owner home.

The dog needs to some exercises three-time every day for 30 minutes to stay fit. A home with a yard and a fence is the ideal environment for the dog. Also, thrives in cold climates only.

5. Bull Terrier

Originally a fighting dog, The Bull Terrier now has a niche in society as a family dog. The dog’s head is a distinct egg-shaped, and it is active, friendly, loyal and intelligent. A Bull Terrier enjoys daily exercise, and it needs stimulation (both physically and mentally) to keep it out of trouble.

Training a Bull Terrier requires patience, consistency, and firm leadership. Such training is necessary since the dog can be aggressive to smaller pets.