Best Tips Handling Your Pets When Lightning Strikes

Best Tips Handling Your Pets When Lightning Strikes – Life is not some video game in which you die once and you get respawned 30 seconds later. Life is not some passing phase, life is meaningful and you must take care of it because it can all be over in an instant.

Do you know how many loved ones you’d leave behind? How many animals would go homeless without you? How much suffering this can cause?

You don’t, because nobody can really comprehend this. This week is not just some passing week in which you learn about how to breathe underwater or take your dog to work. This week is about your safety, your family’s safety, your property and basically your life and everything that has anything to do with you as an individual. This week is the National Lightning Safety Awareness Week. The biggest and scariest serial killer in the world is the Mother Nature herself, and it can do that in many different ways, but one of the deadliest is most definitely the lightning.

Best Tips Handling Your Pets When Lightning Strikes

The lightning is so scary that it has made hundreds of victims every year, there’s even reports of a person that was struck 3 times in their life, and the lightning then hit the grave once where he had been buried. This may come off as a shock, but this is one of the deadliest incidents ever, hardly 1 out of 50 people live out of a close encounter with lightning. And this week we will be diving into the ways you can fight it off or simply avoid it. The first thing you have to do is shut down any electrical equipment such as televisions, laptops, computers, etc. Unplug them and stand in the darkest room possible because the less activity in the house the fewer chances there are for the lightning to hit there.

Secondly, gather all of the phones you have and shut them down and remove their batteries. Lastly, never stand in the place if you feel weird. You know that feeling, when your hair starts standing up? Yes, that feeling, that can be a terrible sign, even if it is your house, you need to get away from that place, that can mean a lightning is getting ready to hit there. Stay safe, remember, life is not a game, life is life, never bid your life.

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