Bringing a New Cat into Your Home Part 1

Bringing a New Cat into Your Home Part 1

Bringing a New Cat into Your Home Part 1

The prospect of bringing a new cat or kitten into your home is of course very exciting, but often a little nerve wracking. If you already have existing pets you may worry that they won’t get on, or, if this is your first pet in residence you may have lots of concerns about general care and feeding.

Most cats, unless they are extremely confident, will be nervous initially, but the good news is that much can be done to ease the process of introducing your new cat or kitten into strange surroundings. One method which has proved to be extremely effective is the ‘Bonding Room Technique’.

Start by allocating a quiet room in your house where the cat or kitten can be easily confined; a spare bedroom is ideal. Place food and water in the room, along with a litter tray and a nice, comfy bed. You might also want to include a cardboard box or similar hiding place, as your new cat or kitten may be more comfortable with somewhere safe to hide; at least at first.

When you bring your new arrival home place him or her in the Bonding Room and leave them to explore. After an hour or two sit or lie down in the room and see if your new friend approaches. It’s important to let them make the first move, so if they don’t come and say hello straightaway don’t force it, and don’t be disappointed. Very timid cats may take a number of days until they approach you, but if you, and other family members, continue to visit the cat several times a day it won’t be long until strokes and cuddles become welcome. Once this occurs you can introduce the cat to the rest of the house; you might even find that they try to escape anyway, when curiosity gets the better of them!

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