Bucks Happening 2018 Winner: Sitters4Critters Pet Pros Victorious!

Sitters4Critters Celebrates Five Years, Launches New Mobile Vet Tech Service

I have been working for Sitters4Critters for not even one year, and I can tell you right now, I
have never been happier at any other job. No way would I trade caring for animals for an office
job. I enjoy the “cage-free” (no pun intended) type of work environment.
When caring for someone else’s pet, I care for them as if they were my own. In fact, I can even
be more careful with someone else’s pets. I am representing Sitters4Critters, so I have to give
my best impression.

Animals are precious to me. My cat is precious to me like how the clients’ pets are precious to
I have to put myself in the client’s shoes. I would want someone who has a way with animals and who is very careful to take care of my cat when I am away. Therefore, I do my due diligence when taking care of other people’s pets to ensure nothing goes wrong. Sitters4Critters has good reviews from clients. From what I read, I have not seen any negative reviews. This is a company who I would trust with my pet. Obviously, I would not want to be a
person who causes a bad review.

I received some good news that Sitters4Critters won the Bucks Happening 2018 Prize for best Pet
Sitting/Dog Walking. I am happy to be a part of a company that gives the best care for pets. Most
of all I am happy to contribute towards winning the prize.
We are happy and proud to be a part of the Bucks Happening 2018 winner. This company works hard for the pets they service.  This contest really goes a long way to help motivate us to keep doing what we love.