Cat Home Alone: Important Tips Before You Go

If you are a cat person, you want your pet to be comfortable, safe and happy all the time. When your kitty is out of your sight or nowhere to be found during meal time, you immediately make cat sounds to call its attention. But what if you need to go to work or somewhere else for a time?

Cats are independent animals and they usually seem not to care most of the time. However, if they are to be on their own for a day or two, there are considerations to be made. Getting a pet sitter can solve the problem but what if this is not an option. But, even If there is no one to take care of your pet and you need to be away for a night or the weekend, there are ways to make this work. Your pet cat can be alone in the house and remain happy and comfortable.

Here are some tips and tricks when leaving your cat home alone:

1. Ensure that your cat gets enough food and water the whole time.

If you will be gone for a day or two, you need to check if you still have enough cat food for your kitty. Assess if the food in stock will suffice for the period of time you’re not around. This might not be a problem if you will just be out for the day since you can easily feed your pet before you go and leave food on the bowl. But if have a weekend trip, it’s best to buy a food dispenser that you can place enough food in. If your cat is used to eating wet food, you can replace it with dry cat food. Just see to it that you introduce the new diet first. Perhaps, a week before your trip, you can let your pet taste the cat food little by little. Food dispensers come in handy in these situations since it can prevent over-feeding your cat. You can also purchase a water dispenser like the ones used for rabbits to ensure your cat drinks enough water.

2. Set up an automatic cat litter.

Cats are hygienic animals that they have a way to clean themselves. To keep your beloved feline happy and comfortable, ensure that there is a cat litter in the house and not just the traditional one. If you will be away for the day, this type will do but if your pet will be home alone for a night or two, an automatic cat litter is your best option. An automatic self-cleaning cat litter is also perfect for daily use. With it, you need not scoop the litter box every day. If you have this type of litter box, you need not worry that the house will smell and be a mess when you return.

3. Give cat things to keep busy with.

Pets, like people, can get bored when they are alone and do nothing. Remember that cats, especially growing ones, are playful. Keep them happy and distracted by leaving several toys to play with. Also, consider investing in a cat tree and a scratching post for your pet to climb, sleep in and enjoy. Cat furniture will be a big help to keep your kitty happy, active and healthy. Building a nice scratching post yourself can also save you money. There are plenty of DIY instructions for cat furniture on the internet.

By following these tips, leaving your cat at home will not make you feel guilty.  Of course, not forgetting to lock doors and windows will be preventing your feline from exploring outside. Also, asking a friend or neighbor to check on your cat at least once or twice a day will assure you that your dear kitty stays safe, comfortable and happy. Please contact Sitters4Critters if you need a cat sitter.