Cat Rescue "Minstrel", Loves Critter Sitters; Owner says

Cat Rescue “Minstrel”, Loves Critter Sitters; Owner says

‘Mr Popular’ Cat Rescue “Minstrel”, Loves Critter Sitters; Owner says

I was working as a foster-er for a local cat rescue charity, and Minstrel was my second ‘cat orphan’. Found sleeping in an outhouse at a nearby property, Minstrel was brought to me by the charity’s organizer and soon made himself at home. My other cats seemed to take to him immediately; which is highly unusual as there is more often than not an awful lot of growling and posturing when a new cat enters the home! It was because of this Minstrel earned the name ‘Mr Popular’. His charm and popularity also lead to him becoming a permanent resident (he was just too sweet to re-home).

Minstrel is an easy cat to care for. He eats most things. I leave dry food out at all times during the day, and he has tinned cat food in the mornings and evenings. He has access to a litter tray, but fortunately, due to a recent house move I now have a cat flap which makes life so much easier; for him and for me. If the weather isn’t too cold he’ll go outside to meet his ‘toileting requirements’. That said, I do have an area in my garden that is covered with ornamental stones. This unfortunately seems to have become his new, giant, outdoor cat litter tray. Well, better that than pooping in the neighbors garden!
When I go on vacation I hate the thought of my cats having to live indoors / outdoors in cages. They like their home comforts and that’s why I love the Sitters For Critters Cat Boarding Service. Minstrel gets to stay with his furry friends in the home of one of their friendly and completely trustworthy cat sitters. He gets the run of the house and lots of love and attention to boot. It’s the ideal alternative to catteries and boarding kennels and gives me total peace of mind whilst I am away.

Could Minstrel keep up with “Klepto”? (LOL)

About the Author Lesley H-

I like to think that I’m a bit of an entrepreneur: I combine my ‘proper job’ for the NHS with my online retail business.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and literature, so I try to team up my writing and retail skills in the majority things I write. I am also a big cat lover.

Lesley H

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Cat Rescue “Minstrel”, Loves Critter Sitters; Owner says

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About Sitters 4 Critters, LLC

Sitters4Critters began in 2013 by Tristan Hamburg, a lifelong resident in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Sitters 4 Critters, LLC provides the very best service and care for all pets whose owners are out of town.

The pet sitters take care of all animal breeds, providing a great home during their stay.

Services range from walking to boarding to giving medicine that the pet requires.

We are a fully licensed and insured company that treats our policies with the highest importance.

We are available every day of the year for the convenience of our valued clients.

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