Cat Trees: Why Cats Need Cat Trees

Cat Trees: Why Cats Need Cat Trees– Like us, cat does not have a horizontal world, rather they have a vertical world and when they stay inside your home what they miss most is their environment.

It is natural that you cannot provide them the exact environment that they live outside but with a cat tree installed at your home you can at least provide them with a space where they can spend their time.

There are various reasons in favor that you provide your cat with a cat tree. They are…

  • To Feel Secure

Your cat always looks for a high surface from where they can watch over what is going on in your home, keep looking for preys and feel secure from any attack. And this is the reason that you will find them on top of your refrigerator or at the fireplace mantle.

If you provide them with a floor to ceiling cat tree you give them the vertical way up and the height that they look for.

Your cat also loves places where it’s warm and on the top of cat tree they can stay near the ceiling where it’s quite hot. Thus, they get their perfect environment.

  • Sleeping Place

Have you noticed that most of the day your cat loves to rest or sleep!

Hence, it is necessary that they have their lounging or sleeping place that is away from regular disturbances from other pets or even children. These places where they can rest to help reducing the stress level as they can relax the way they want.

In most of the cat trees, you will find that there is an enclosed hideaway that is the ideal napping place for your cat away from any sort of distractions.

  • Help For Shy Cat

The characters of all cats are not same; there are some who are shy of the open places. Thus, for hiding or to stay away from the regular hustles bustles they keep on looking for corners and you keep on looking for them!

If you have a cat condo installed at your home you can provide them their necessary space for hiding as well as spending some quality time.

Apart from that the favorite activity of cats are scratching and if you buy a cat tower with perfect specifications you will find that there are places in the cat tree that is ideal for your cats to scratch.

So, there is no fear of damage to your furniture.

  • Best for Space Saving 

The cat trees are designed that they take very little space on the floor. What they provide to your cat is the elevated perching space.

So, depending upon the number of cat you can have the options of best cat trees for large cats and also do not have to worry that they are taking away so much space from your floor area.

You can also add toy prey for your cat so that they can hunt when they want. It will be fun for them as well as for you to watch them enjoying.