Once upon a time, in a land not so different from your backyard, lives a band of misfit heroes known to us as…the chickens. They’re no ordinary birds; they’re the egg-laying, bug-squashing prodigies of the animal kingdom. Get ready to hen-delve into this quirky guide on everything you need about chicken care. No yolk, it’s going to be egg-cellent!

Okay, let’s hatch this adventure of chicken care – good thing we’re not chicken!

First off, let’s talk about coops. Unless you’re signing your chickens up for an open-air lifestyle, which is more West Wing than it is free-range, a sturdy coop is what they need. Trust me, even these feathered drama queens appreciate a bit of privacy. But remember, no coop is too small – your chickens need space to spread their wings and follow their dreams. And yes, chicken dreams involve a lot of clucking around.

Hen-surance tip: Your coop should be Fort Knox for chickens – safe from predators like raccoons and foxes. No, chickens can’t just “play dead” – these are chickens, not Oscar-winning thespians.

Next, let’s broach chicken feeds, though I hope you’re not eating while reading this. Chickens need grit, which helps them digest food. Also important? Calcium. Laying an egg nearly every day isn’t your average CrossFit session. So, shell out some oyster shells, crushed eggshells, or limestone – both for their health and for that satisfying “crack!” when you open their harvested eggs.

Your chicken spa cage also includes dust baths. If you’re picturing chickens lounged on tiny towels with cucumber slices on their eyes, think again. Dust baths are crucial to parasite control; seeing them writhe in dirt is the closest thing to a chicken rumba. Be prepared for the spectacle.

Here comes the fun part: naming your feathered flock. Do you stick to the classics like Henrietta and Drumstick or venture into the baffling realm of Cluck Norris and Princess Lay-a? Remember, once you name them, there’s no going back. Legend has it a chicken called “Dinner” refused to lay eggs until her name was changed to “Duchess.”

If you’re thinking, “I’ll skip chicken medical school,” think again. Most times, you’re their first line of defense. From checking their comb color (vitality meter, not hair accessory assortment) to their poop (yup, it’s the unglamorous part of the gig), you’re their Dr. Dolittle.

But let’s beak real for a minute. A chicken isn’t just for Christmas, Easter, or when you fancy a new Instagram muse. Chickens are a commitment – they’re pets with benefits, but they ought to be loved and cared for just like any other pet family member.

All this sounds like a hard-boiled task. Oh, don’t be such a spring chicken! It’s feathery fun, endless entertainment, and baked goods by the basket, fresh from your backyard bakery.

So, as you embark on this journey from humble human to classy chicken carer, remember: chickens may not be capable of showing empathy per se, but they sure as cluck appreciate your love (and mealworm treats). And who knows, you might become that crazy chicken person in your neighborhood – in absolute clucking style.

In this feather-filled, jumbled coop we call life, let’s take a moment to appreciate the simple joys of caring for these barnyard buddies. And as we stroll through our chicken-drenched dreams tonight, we’ll awaken with the dawn’s light to the melodious chorus of our feathered alarm clocks.

Pardon the pun in the grand scheme of things, but it’s really not all “that it’s clucked up to be.”

chicken animal care

chicken animal care

So, there you have it: the roller-coaster ride of chicken parenting, as exciting as eggs-hausting. It turns out it’s not just chickens that come home to roost. With a bit of love, laughs, and a smidge of the absurd, we do too. Click on brave chicken-keepers, click on! If you are looking for a chicken/farm sitter, contact Sitters4Critters!