Dog Trainer Selection: Breed Advisor, Pet Coaching 1-1

Dog Trainer Selection Breed Advisor Pet Coaching 1-1: Welcome to the best mentor guide for puppies Our professors will help tutor your pet and demonstrate success!

Introduction To Choosing The Best Dog Trainer:

There is no law of dog trainers within the US.  Anyone can become a pet trainer and open up shop. You have to research and pick out a decent trainer/training school for you and your pet. Below are some pointers to think about once selecting an obedience pet coaching class:

Setting Situation:

  • Confusion does exist. And your dog must be able to focus to you and your pet trainer even with other distractions. A good coaching setting permits the trainer to control disturbance in order that you and your dog will succeed at every stage in the pet coaching. One of the largest distractions in the obedience category is commonly the opposite participants (dogs and people). Follow the rule of SIX: No more than SIX dogs per trainer.


  • The training location should be free of any safety concerns. Small objects are always a cause of concern to accidentally ingest or harm your pet.
  • There should be enough room so that your dog is comfortable and safe.
  • An indoor facility class floors should be made out cleanable training materials.
  • Pet owners should keep all sick pets home. If you show up with them ill, you will be sent home.
  • Your pet should up to date with all vaccines. Your trainer should ask you for vet records.
  • Healthy puppies as young as 8 weeks old should enroll in puppy class. Puppy obedience / socialization is important during their growth.

Training logic:

  • Choose a dog trainer that uses reward based training methods. Your pet trainer should let you know what motivates your pup. Example: praise, treats, play. The animal trainer will use these rewards to implement good behaviors.
  • Avoid pet trainers that use physical force. Pain should not be an acceptable method of puppy training. No choke collars, prong collars, or physical domination. (“Alpha Roll”).


  • Your pet advisor should be a great communicator. (Both pets and humans). You should both be able to understand how to achieve a coaching goal.


  • There are private education groups that certify professor pet training instruction. Certain exercises between these teachings do not guarantee the guidance outcome to be good. You will need to research the certifying principles. Find out the requirements for continuing education and make sure it is up to date.

Summary of Selecting the Best Trainer

An obedience school should be a rewarding experience. If you or your pet is uncomfortable, talk to your instructor performing the drills. Have an open mind. There are many different training backgrounds and leadership styles. These training basics may or may not work with your beloved pet. You will need to find the right tuition for your cherished pet.

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