Christine Meets Corgi In Newtown

Christine, a daily walker in Newtown Pennsylvania, Bucks County, wants to share how much a walking schedule benefited “Hamilton”, a Corgi puppy.

Ah… You remember this familiar Corgi face don’t you?

Hamilton has grown several months old but his cuteness steals the Sitters4Critters spotlight.  Hamilton is featured several times on our website, and he is definitely a fan favorite!  Hamilton loves shoelaces and peanut butter kongs!  Hamilton is an important member to the pet community and relieves the stress of his pet walkers!  If you see us walking in Newtown, SAY HELLO!

Hamilton enjoys a 2x a day schedule to give him a potty break he deserves!  Daily walking prevents hyper destructive behaviors and unnecessary accidents. Puppies should not be crated more than 2 hours inside a cage.  Similarly, puppies need plenty of exercise and social interaction.  According to Fox News  it is estimated more than 3 billion of pet damages occur per year.  Furthermore, studies show hiring Sitters4Critters dog walker County is a great positive direction when crating your pet longer than 2 hours.

Facts about Corgis… Watch this VIDEO of funny Corgis

  Highly intelligent, loyal, great with children and please owners.

Over protective as adults.

Long spine, short dogs.

They sometimes like to nip at ankles for attention.

Resources: Corgi Breed Information.