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Sitters4Critters- Dog Walking / Walkers

    • Dog walking services- well..We wear pet hair well. Any good dog walker is not afraid to get down and silly with your pet, even if that means romping all over the floor.
    • Our pet walking services don’t stop at romping. We enjoy going above and beyond the typical pet walker’s call of duty. We’ll clean up messes, bring in the mail, water plants, adjust the blinds, clean cages – and even sing to your critters.
    • We do the customized thing. Daily dog walking services, dog daycare center, hotel visits, sleepovers – we can set up any service or combination of services to suit you and your furry friend’s needs.
    • Your couch, rugs, table and chairs will thank you. Pets left alone often fall prey to anxiety or boredom, two things that can prompt destructive behaviors.
    • You’ll sleep better. Instead of worrying about or wondering what your pet is up to, you’ll know he’s in the reliable hands of the daily dog walker who adores him as much as you do.
    • Your pet will sleep better. Pets are prone to a much better night’s sleep when they’ve spent the day getting their exercise from their daily dog walker, sticking to their regular schedules and having someone to pal around with.
    • Your pet will thank you. Pets are called companion animals for a reason. Most enjoy having a companion. If that companion happens to be a pet walker that walks, feeds, plays with and even sings to them, that’s all the better indeed!
    • You can trust our pet walker services backed by our unique dog walking tracking and alert system.

Our Pet Walker Promise to You.. A Tired Happy Pet

Happy Sitters4Critters- Dog Walkers- Bucks County Client "Romeo"

Happy Sitters4Critters- Dog Walkers- Bucks County Client “Romeo”

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