Earthquake Preparedness, Protecting Pets

Earthquake Preparedness: Mother Nature has been the world’s greatest killer since the beginning of time. No matter how strong your house is, how fortified your bunker is, how safe you feel, it’s all meaningless in the face of Mother Nature. All the money in the world isn’t going to help you against a hurricane. No matter your age, social status, or your life decisions, Mother Nature doesn’t take any prisoners. We can’t fight it and we can’t stop it. So what can we do then? What we can do is prepare for the shock. Instead of thinking about what you wish to buy for Halloween or what new gadgets came out this year, think about what you can do in case something devastating happens, like an earthquake. Are you ready for such an event? Is your family ready?

Well the truth is that nobody is ready, which is why we need this event. No matter who or where you are you need to gather up all of your family members, all of your friends and your neighbors and practice what you’ll do in case of an earthquake. The children need this exercise the most because they’re obviously the most vulnerable in those tragic instances. You need to know the basics, otherwise you won’t make it. In case of an earthquake you need to hide under something, such as a bed or a table, just so you can make sure you won’t get hit in the head by anything. Another very important thing to remember in the case of an earthquake is you must always stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls. Basically you must stay away from anything that could fall on you.

Earthquake Preparedness

Last but not least in case you’re inside of your house when the earthquake happens never leave the house! Studies have shown that most people get injured or lose their lives while attempting to either leave the room or leave the house. These are only the basics, but they can save your life! So, during this day you must practice for a couple of hours. It might seem a bit tedious, but it is for your own safety! You can dismiss chores for one day, you can ignore your diet, but you can’t ignore your own life! Be smart, stay safe!

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