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Every Owner’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-groomed Pet

Equipment for Successful Grooming. Everyone knows a properly groomed pet is a happy pet. You want the best for your pet (which is why you came here in the first place), and to keep your pet squeaky clean, you need the best equipment.

Here’s a look at some of the best “Every Owner’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-groomed Pet grooming equipment” for your furry best friend!

  • Groomer’s Mall: Groomers and owners alike love The Groomer’s Mall! Based in Midlothian, Virginia, the company offers clippers, strippers, brushes, combs, conditioning sprays, dryers and more! You can reach them toll-free at 800-537-7361 or visit them online at
  • PetSmart: The nationwide pet care giant has plenty of grooming equipment for pets of all shapes and size. You can visit them online at or visit a store near you!
  • Lynn Pet Professionals Grooming Supplies: This Winnipeg company offers not only top-of-the-line grooming equipment but their own line of natural pet grooming products, Nature’s Specialities. You can find out more about their luxury shampoos and washes as well as their equipment at!

If you’re in Levittown or the surrounding areas, you can leave grooming to the pros at Peachy-Keen Grooming by Tristan. Book your appointment with us by calling 1-800-655-6071 or emailing