Finding The Best Groomer- How Peachy-Keen Works

It can be tough to find a pet groomer near you! Your pet needs care and you deserve nothing but the best.

What should you look for a in a pet groomer?

  • Your pet groomer should be licensed if that applies within your state.
  • Your groomer should be trained, preferably having gone to grooming school for several months. Again, there is no set standard here, but training is generally a good sign.
  • Some pet groomers belong to a professional organization. This means the groomer is interested in continuing their education in pet grooming, including safety, styling and other issues.
  • Take a look the facility. Is it well lit? Does it smell and look clean? Are the cages comfortable for the pets?
  • Maybe a grooming shop doesn’t fit your needs. Fortunately, some groomers make house calls! Look for mobile pet groomers or groomers that pick up pets for their appointments.

If you’re in the Levittown area, your solution is right under your nose – Peachy-Keen Grooming by Tristan!  Book your appointment with us by calling 1-800-655-6071 or emailing

Peachy-Keen Grooming: How it Works!

Your dog might me smart, but it can’t brush its own teeth (if it can, you’re sitting on a gold mine and need to stop reading this right now!) Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan recommends using a double-headed toothbrush and brushing your dog’s teeth at a 45-degree angle below the gumline.

If you start your dog early, as a puppy, it would be more comfortable with getting its teeth brushed. If you struggle to get your dog to cooperate, try brushing its teeth after it’s had some exercise. If the dog starts getting upset, don’t worry about brushing every tooth this time; just work on it a little every day. Be sure to give your dog a treat for sitting still; eventually, your dog will grow to like it!

If you live In the Levittown areas, there’s no better crew to groom your pet than Peachy-Keen Grooming by Tristan. Have us pick up your pet in our pet taxi or have us do a house call. You can contact us to set up an appointment today by calling 1-800-655-6071 or emailing

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