Free Puppy Guide: Tips and Tricks

Pets are wonderful creatures that play with their masters, give them company as well as take care of the house if they are sensitive and intelligent enough. Having a pet dog or cat around can make you feel immensely happy. However, you have to do a little homework and adopt the right strategies to find out the place from where you can acquire your choicest pet.

Below is a guide about where to find a free puppy. 

Free Puppy Guide:

• Go through the local newspapers

You can start by looking through the newspaper. Local newspapers offer a section of classifieds where you can sometimes find free pets. Check the section which provides free pets. In some papers, the category may be more precise stating free pets for good home or only ‘free pets’. Check out for any of those types of advertisements.

• Search Craigslist

If you are acquainted with and it is available for your local area you can check if anyone is giving away free pets. If you are lucky you might find someone who is offering free adoption of their new litter to move the pets to a new home.

• Acquire a guide dog

Another fantastic strategy to obtain a free pet is to get a ‘guide dog’ or ‘seeing eye dog’. These can be obtained free of cost and can be trained to become your protector and friend. Usually, these pets are retained by blind people, but you can always adopt these kinds of dogs, and keep them as your pets. However, priority for these specially trained dogs is granted to those with disabilities first.

• Check with your local animal or pet rescue shelter

Another strategy will be to inquire with your local animal shelter. A lot of local shelters are inundated with pets brought in from abusive owners or lost pets roaming the neighborhoods and they need to find homes for the pets or else they risk having to euthanize the pet. If you are interested in adopting a pet from an animal shelter you can contact your local shelter and inquire if they have the pet you are looking for. This is the best option to find yourself a pet and you are helping the shelters reduce the overcrowding and ultimately you are saving the pet’s life. You are free to ask if they are willing to give you the pet for free.

• Keep an eye on the supermarket

Sometimes you may find leaflets or signposts starting near the grocery store that someone is interested in giving away his pet for free. However, you do not have this method being used as much anymore due to the availability of the Internet as it is much easier and faster to post an online classified ad these days.

If you know how to care for your puppy, they can be very enjoyable pets. Puppies need to be showered with affection and attention and given treats for a job well done. Your puppy would then reward you back with unconditional love. Loving your puppies can go a very long way.