Greyhound: 3 Secrets About This Dog Breed

Out of all of the dogs that we have ever seen, the greyhounds are definitely some of the challenging and most interesting breeds out there, aren’t they? They’re fast, smart, and independent, which makes them incredible for outdoors and hunting, but what about when it comes to taking care of your own greyhound in the commodity of your own home? In this article we will be unveiling you three major secrets that you won’t find anywhere else related to the greyhound breed. If you’re planning on getting one then read carefully, because these could help you a lot in the future!

First of all, you need to make sure that you never leave your greyhound alone for long periods of time. They are smart creatures that can fend off for themselves, which is why you need to be there constantly for you. If you’re not there to “positive reinforcement”, then they’ll start to question why they need to follow your lead. If you’re not there for them then why should they be there for you? All in all, if you’re not there for your greyhound then the greyhound will not follow your commands anymore and they will no longer respect you either, which makes training impossible.

Second of all, greyhounds need to have the space to run, unless you want them overweight and sick. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a greyhound before, then you’ll know the fact that greyhounds tend to be very skinny. A lot of people tend to fatten them up, because they think that this way the dog is cuter and happier, but through this action they’re dooming the dog to live a life of obesity, which can really destroy your dog’s health. Make sure you feed them only from time to time, and that you let them exercise on a daily basis. Take them out for walks, and make sure that wherever you go, they don’t get out of your sight.

Thirdly, make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Greyhounds are ferociously energetic, they run and run and run every single moment they can. They practically spend their whole lives running, jumping and plowing into things. This makes them dangerous for small children, which is why we urge you to either train the dog before you let the dog in the same room with the baby or never get this breed. It’s a dangerous game to play, greyhounds can be the cutest and most adorable companions of all time, but they can also be incredibly dangerous if you’re not careful.

Furthermore, remember, greyhounds have heads that are smaller than their necks and can easily slip out of a regular collar. Make sure your hound wears a martingale collar or greyhound collar, they prevent your dog from escaping and getting hurt in traffic.

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