Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Bug- No affect on Sitters4Critters

Heartbleed Bug- No affect on Sitters4Critters

Heartbleed Bug- What have we done to secure Sitters4Critters?

Immediately when learning concerning the heartbleed bug, our engineers took all necessary steps to secure Sitters4Critters’s systems and thereby removed any potential threats before issues existed .

There is no proof that any users’ information or customers’ accounts are affected by Heartbleed.

What should you do?

We have fully blocked and proud to announce we have secure servers, but to ensure that there is no problems to you or your information, we would strongly suggest you to do the following:

Log out of your Pet Check Technology Portal Page
Log back in to Pet Check Technology Portal Page
Change your password

Heartbleed Bug- No Affect On Sitters4Critters

On Sitters4Critters Pet Check System that’s all you need to do.  But, we would suggest checking with other online services you might use to see if they have secured their systems.

It’s also good practice to routinely change your passwords on any online services you might be using and not use the same one on multiple websites. Here is  a good article by Lifehacker on what other steps you can take to protect yourself.

We will continue to watch matters and can issue updates as and after we receive them.

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