1. No pick-ups and drop-offs. We come to you!
  2. Less stress on your pet. Your pet will have all their usual toys, treats, and food, and stay comfy in a familiar environment.
  3. Pets sleep where they normally sleep, instead of a kennel crate.
  4. No change in exercise, feeding, and (if necessary) medical routines.
  5. Personal attention for your pet.
  6. Plenty of playtime and snuggles.
  7. Someone who can handle it will be there in case of an emergency.
  8. No exposure to other animals (no transfer of diseases or parasites)
  9. No need to impose on friends or neighbors.
  10. You get a pet-sitter and a house-sitter in one!

In-Home Animal Sitting Overnights

Written by Ariel Guterman