How Did You Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week?

Do you love your pets enough? Do you give them lots of care and concern? Or, do your little furry friends feel left out? Well, if you have not spent sufficient amounts of time with your pets, it’s time to change! One of the easiest ways by which you can show your affection for pets is by spending some time with them. And, this is when the Pet Appreciation Week (June 7 -13) becomes handy. During this week, you can pamper, feed, play, walk and care for your pet with many other animal lovers! The annual event is loaded with many strategic themes and events that will undeniably delight your furry friend.

Why Should You Care For Pets?

As suggested by its name, the Pet Appreciation Week is to celebrate our furry little pets. It is a week when you can show them that they really mean a lot to us. Unlike many human beings, pets tend to shower flawless, unconditional love on its owner. They do a lot more than what it seems. According to modern science, pets stimulate us to workout, relieve us from stress and revitalize our inner being. The Center of Disease Control declares that pets like dogs and cats can lower blood pressure, decrease bad cholesterol and improve our socialization skills. These are few interesting benefits of sincere pet ownership.

For Dog Owners!

With all this being said, how should you celebrate the Pet Appreciation Week, June 7-13? Here is a quick guide for dog owners.

  • Add few more minutes to your daily walks with the dog!
  • Massage your dog and calm his mind. Massaging will reduce his mental stress!
  • Take your dog to a park that is meant for furry animals.
  • Feed your dog home-made bakes and biscuits. Also, remember to add his favorite flavors in the homemade dishes!
  • Take him to a local vet and get his microchip/license validated.

For Cat Owners!

Moving on, you can use the following tips on cats during the Pet Appreciation Week,

  • Most cats prefer laser beams during workouts. Hence, play a strong laser beam for few hours while exercising with them!
  • Amuse your cat with DVDs that are meant for them.
  • Brush your furry friend occasionally but every day.
  • Give your pet “cat grass” at least once in a while.

On the whole, identify your pet’s needs and satisfy them during the Pet Appreciation Week.