It’s a beautiful day. Your bundle of joy is happily strolling across the yard with his massive size and drooling mouth. Then it happens –whether it’s a squirrel, a loud car exhaust, or the neighbor’s fearless Chihuahua, your St. Bernard is suddenly a train engine in total momentum. What’s your next move? Fear not; this witty and whimsically wholesome guide, How to Calm Down St. Benards, is here for your rescue!

**How to Calm Down St. Benards A Fur-st; Understand The Gentle Beast!**

The first step in How to Calm Down St. Benards is understanding them. When you join them as the beast, remember it is a beast with a massive heart, literally and figuratively. They are an incredibly social, gentle, and (let’s be honest) lazy breed. While they’re haunted by a reputation for being as huge as a small bear, they possess the tender heart of a golden retriever living inside that massive body.

**Mouth-Watering Distractions and chew toys**

Sometimes, the easiest way to calm your colossal cutie down is by giving them a big, juicy bone to gnaw on. This needs a bit of preparedness from your end – sneakily stashed ‘emergency’ bones in various locations readily available for such events. A little bribery never hurts. Ensure you’re a faster runner than your dog or have a foolproof hiding place!

**The Giant St. Bernard Solitaire – Play to Stay Away**

Believe it or not, St. Bernards love to play, but the plus side is – they tire quickly. So, the next time you see your St. Bernard in full locomotive mode, don’t panic. Bring out their favorite floofy toy and play a gentle game of fetch or tug-of-war (that’s right, be prepared to lose). Physical exercise meets mental stimulation, which is a win-win recipe.

**Magic of the Touch and affection**

If you’ve ever owned a St. Bernard, you know they love or live for cuddles. Therefore, therapeutic touch methods can often work as a treat. Gentle massage, running your fingers through the fur, and tender belly rubs hit the right relaxation buttons for them. An adorable drool shower may follow, so keep those napkins handy!

**Music and Meditation to Their Flapping Ears**

Do we start reminiscing about the movie “Beethoven” here? They weren’t barking up the wrong tree, though. Dogs, especially St. Bernards, respond well to beautiful harmonies. In case of an anxiety outbreak, try some calming canine music. Extremely talented pianists are not always on call, so we suggest a good playlist on Spotify… that way, you can join the jam, too.

How to Calm down St. Benards

How to Calm down St. Benards

**Mindful Meditations – Woofs & Om’s**

If you think it’s a potshot in the dark, it isn’t – doggy meditation is a thing nowadays! It includes a relaxing environment, calming words, gentle strokes, and simple commands. Sure, they may not achieve Nirvana, but a moment’s peace is golden when your St. Bernard is on a frenzied spree.

**Final thoughts How to Calm Down St. Benards; Train their Brains, Retain the Calm**

Intersperse techniques of calm with tactful training sessions. Crate training, stop commands, and keeping them quiet when overly excited usually help. After all, who better than you would know? A well-behaved St. Bernard is a joyous force of nature; an untamed one is a nature’s force in your living room … literally!

In the end, do remember, your beautiful beast is just that – a dog. A serene environment, oodles of love, and lots of understanding go a long way in calming down your St. Bernard. As they stroll back to you, tail wagging, drool dripping, you’ll realize one thing – the bigger the dog, the bigger their love (and their need for lots of naptime).

St. Bernards may be giants in the dog world, but they’re gentle goliaths seeking love, tranquility, and many belly rubs. Their peace of mind lies in the strength of your bond and the magic of your touch.

Now that you have these tricks up your sleeve (or dog leash) embrace the fun and fur-filled journey of calming down your agitated St. Bernard. Don’t forget to laugh at the furry antics along the way, and remember, life is best lived with a bit of drool.