Interesting Facts About the American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Cat-Month!

Do you know that every spring, thousands and thousands of kittens tend to join those in shelters? This clearly means that your town will have a hefty collection of kittens in and around the corner. And, most towns have shelter staffs, who will help you adopt kittens. June is regarded as the finest month for adopting cats. It is the timeline assigned by the American Humane Association for novice cat adopters.

Time to Buy A Great Cat!

Every year, the American Humane Association conducts interesting campaigns on how and why you should adopt cats. It is a special event that will resolve your deepest queries and confusions. Though cats are regarded as America’s most famous pets, you should do some homework before making a choice. During the American Humane Association Adopt-a-Cat Month, you will be given ample information on this topic.

Fact #1 – Are You Mentally Prepared

First of all, you must be prepared to take a cat home! Conversely, the American Humane Association states that people who can take one cat must consider grabbing two. Unlike many other pets, cats require lots of mental stimulation, exercise and social bonding. This is what two cats can offer each other.

Fact #2 – Cats & Humans

Secondly, you must decide on a cat that best suits your characteristic traits. Just like human beings, cats with round heads and sharp paws need easy going pet owners. Whereas, cats with narrow heads and long hair need typical counselors. Adoption counselors at the American Humane Association will help you identify a perfect cat that matches with your personality.

Fact #3 – Support

As you adopt a cat in June, you must schedule a vet appointment within the first few weeks. Take your furry friend to the veterinarian and check them! Always maintain a positive association with the vet; since he has to inspect your furry friend in the long run!

Fact #4 – Family Choices

Meanwhile, verify if everyone in your house is ready to live with a cat. Owning pets is more or less a family affair. Hence, discuss with your family before making a move.

Fact #5 – Cats For a Budget!

The American Humane Association has long-term and short-term budgets for cats. During the Adopt-a-Cat month, you will get plenty of cats associated with different prices. The association will give you an amazing bargain and a wide range of cat breeds. In fact, you can buy microchips, medicines and vaccines at rock bottom rates. These are few reasons behind the fame of this Adopt-a-Cat month!

American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Cat-Month!

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