Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms

Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms

Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms

Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms: The weather has been all over the place lately; sunny bright weather flips into dark skies and thunderstorms in the blink of eye. Just like small children, dogs and cats cat be frightened by loud thunder crashes and flashes of lightening. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for keeping your pets calm and happy when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms

Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms


Keeping Pets Happy During Thunderstorms


-Stay calm yourself. Pets are very affected by how you feel and they can pick up on anxiety.

– Play a recording of storms, starting soft and making it louder, to condition your pets to the noises storms make. If they’re conditioned to the sound, they won’t be worked up when a real storm comes around.

-Provide a comfy safe spot for your pet to curl up in. If your pet has a crate, make sure it has blankets and a favorite toy.

– Play calm music to dull the sound of the storm.

-Provide a distraction. Take out your pet’s favorite toy and play a game.



-Leave doors open. A flash of lightning could spook your pet into running for the door, even if this isn’t typical behavior.

-Get upset over accidents. Accidents happen. Try to be understanding if your dog or cat has an accident indoors. Getting mad will only make it scarier for your dog or cat. Just be prepared to clean it up and not make a big deal about it.

-Make your dog or cat stay in a room alone. You being there will reassure your pet that everything is okay.

-Watch a loud action movie. Gunshots coming from the TV will not comfort your dog or cat. Stick with something relatively calm or whatever your pet is used to. 1-800-655-6071 1-800-655-6071


Everyone at Sitters for Critters hopes you and your pets have are having a wonderful summer, rain or shine!

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