Lhasa Apso: Rules To Follow with Lhasa Apso Dog Breed

Lhasa Apso: Nowadays it seems that all dog breeds look alike in some way, don’t they? “That one has the same tail”, “that one has the same head”, “that one’s basically the other one, but hairier”, etc. are some of the things we’ve always told ourselves when we heard of super mystical dog breed names that turn out to be just variations of the same dog you’ve seen anywhere. But, ladies and gentlemen, here’s something quite literally out of the ordinary, aka the Lhasa puppy. Not only is the name exotic and refreshing, but the whole look of the dog seems incredibly rare. Needless to say though, since the dog is unique, you also have to follow different rules when it comes to owning your own Lhasa puppy dog. Here is a quick guide:

First of all, I believe it’s safe to say that Lhasa puppies are very hard to groom. Since their fur is so special, it gets everywhere, and not only that, but washing it is incredibly hard as well. You’ll need to devote yourself entirely if you want to keep your dog clean and healthy. Lhasa Apso doesn’t drool and overall it’s pretty easy to train, but it is actually very prone to getting sick as well. Because of how long the hair is, it can easily get too heavy and weigh them down, or it can just get tangled up and create a whole different mess. Overall, make sure that your dog is taken care of.

Second of all, you won’t need to bar the doors anytime soon, since Lhasa puppies tend to stay indoors most of the time. They are outgoing, but still pretty shy, so make sure that you interact with them on a daily basis, otherwise they might forget you and be scared of you. Lhasa puppies need lots of love and love of affection, so make sure you keep them entertained with lots of chewy toys and bones.

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you don’t leave your Lhasa puppy anywhere near anything valuable. For some reason, this breed loves to just smash everything to the ground and chew on the remains. This can not only be a problem for you, but it can also be a problem for their health. Just imagine this: Your dog pushes down a bunch of candles and then eats them all…” that can’t be healthy for your Lhasa Apso!