Mobile Horse Sitter: Watch person Not Just For House Pets

Sitters4Critters includes your barnyard friends, too.
Just like how our pet sitters will come to your house for your dog or cat, our mobile horse
sitters will come to your farm or stable. When you are away on vacation or working during the
day, your horse needs looking after, just like your dog or cat. Whether your horse is boarded at
a local stable or on your backyard farm, our mobile horse sitters will ensure your horse is
receiving high quality care.
Sitters4Critters is highly recommended when looking for a mobile horse sitter. Their sitters are
well experienced in animal care, including horses.
Horses are individuals just like humans. Each horse has a different temperament (just like
humans) so it is important that our sitters know your horse’s temperament before any sitting is
performed. The initial meeting is when you ask the sitter questions about the service and
making your final decision hiring the sitter.
Horse sitting is a whole different ball game than house pet sitting. Sitters4Critters hires only the
best people experienced in horse care so rest assured your horse will be in good hands. The
sitter chosen will be one who is experienced caring for horses.
Services include feeding, stall mucking, and turning the horse out in the pasture. Fees are per
horse, per visit.

Although your horse does not live in the house with you, he is still part of your family. He has
his own house, which is his stall. Just like how you want your house neat and clean, your horse
wants his stall the same way. That is why you need the best mobile horse sitter for your equine
friend, and Sitters4Critters will help you find the right one.