National Cat Day

National Cat Day:  Everybody loves cats. Even if you are allergic to them you can’t deny that they are some of the most adorable creatures in the whole world. Nobody hates cats; the only people that do say this only say it because they’ve never actually owned cats or they’ve had bad experiences with them in the past. But, this day isn’t meant only for those that own cats and treat them like the goddesses that they are.

No, this day is also meant to entice people to get more kittens, because statistics showed that there are over 70 million cats roaming the streets, without anyone to take care of them. Unless it would hinder your ability to feed and take care of your other pets please do take into consideration adopting a kitten. Don’t buy cats because most cats that are being sold already are being taken care of.

National Cat Day: Finding the best cat sitters

Instead of taking in cats that would still be perfectly fine even without your intervention how about saving a poor kitten that couldn’t live more than a couple of months without your help? If you can afford another cat then this is the perfect day to save a life. So, if you can afford it then what are you waiting for? Every moment you spend thinking about it another cat gets euthanized. Either go to your closest animal shelter and get yourself one or two little kittens or simply start walking until you stumble upon one in the street.

The latter is definitely the most difficult one because capturing a stray cat is very difficult, and training it is just as hard, but it is also a known fact that if you save a stray cat yourself then you will get twice the amount of love from them. After a while all pets become family members, and this is why they deserve this special day just for them. During this day spoil them even more than you’d usually spoil them, buy them the most expensive food, the finest milk, the softest pillow, do whatever you can to make sure that the cats feel loved, because they truly deserve it.

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