Leaving a pet in your vehicle on hot days is NOT acceptable. National Heat Awareness Day is a great time to educate yourself on the importance of leaving your pets at home on days when the temperatures are soaring. This year, May 23rd marks the annual campaign that helps us to remember that hundreds of pets die each year from being left in hot vehicles in summer weather.

Heat exhaustion fatalities amongst animals soar every year during summer months. Pets being left in parked vehicles can become seriously ill and even die from the blistering temperatures of the sun. Even animals that have been left in vehicles with the windows “cracked” have resulted in serious circumstances.

The interior temperature of a parked vehicle can increase to almost 20º F in less than 10 minutes and in 20 minutes it can become 30º F hotter inside your vehicle than exterior temperatures. Even on days that may not seem that hot to you, temperatures can increase up to 100º F inside your vehicle in 70º F weather. Based on research done by the Department of Geosciences at San Francisco State University, temperatures rose to 109º F inside the vehicle on a 75º F day. These conditions can seriously cause an agonizing illness and/or death for our beloved pets.

If a dog is left inside a hot vehicle without the air conditioner running, the animal will become highly vulnerable to heat stroke. Heat stroke can lead to damage to the brain and other organs for your pet.

Try to be more mindful of when to take your pets out for a joyride. If you must transport your pets outside in the blazing sun, try to go later in the evening when the temperatures have started to decrease and the sun is not as intense. Always carry water with you for your pets and a portable pet water bowl for convenience. Remember, your pets can become overheated faster than humans, especially if they have a lot of hair. Leave your pets home in the air conditioning during hotter days to protect them from heat exposure and the possibility of heat stroke or death.

For more information about national dog heat awareness. (Click hyperlink)

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