National Mutt Day: Purebred Vs. Mutts

National Mutt Day: Purebred Vs. Mutts?

We all love purebreds, whether it is because it’s so much easier to predict them or whether it is because they are so much easier to train, we can’t deny the fact that purebreds hold a special place in our hearts. Most of the purebred dogs for example get bought and sold on a daily basis so most of them have no problem finding a nice owner that will take care of them and love them till the end of days.

So why do we need a National Mutt Day? Well the answer is quite clear. Unfortunately, because of the purebred’s popularity mutts get ignored and forgotten by the common crowd. While purebreds always find someone to take care of them, mutts are considered too unpredictable for most. Parents consider them a danger towards their children because mutts are much harder to train than purebreds and they’re afraid the dogs might actually attack the children, and rich people prefer purebreds because they consider the mutts to be too mixed and not as “pure” as a common purebred. This is why mutts usually grow up on the streets, and why the pound is always filled to the brim with them. This is why; on the 2nd of December we are celebrating the National Mutt Day.

National Mutt Day: Purebred Vs. Mutts

This day is meant for the forgotten, the often ignored and the rarely adopted mutts. Instead of wasting money on maintaining a purebred’s already assured lifestyle, why not actually save a poor mutt’s life off the streets? Instead of paying for a dog that already has everything they need why not make sure that a mutt doesn’t go to sleep hungry tonight? And, if you can afford to save a life that would die without your intervention, why not adopt a mutt off the streets or from the local pound?

Mutts may not seem like the most dignified choice on the table, but mutts will offer you something that no purebreds can. No matter how much food, how many toys and how much love you throw at your purebreds, they’ll never love you as much as mutts will. Because you’ve saved their life they will never ever forget who you are and what you did for them. They will forever care for you, and they will always show you that their love you! So, during the National Mutt Day, show your love for a pet that actually can’t live without it, forget about wasting thousands of dollars on a purebred and do the right thing, save a life, don’t just buy one.

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