New Cat Shopping: Prep New Feline Family

New Cat Shopping: Prep New Feline Family- Preparing your living arrangement for a newly adopted or acquired feline is critical for the bliss and security of your pet as well as your family.

Food choices for shopping for your kitten:

Choose dry food for healthy teeth and gums. Excellent brands such as Royal Canin diets are recommended because of their nutritional content. Be sure to purchase formulated for the age of your cat. RC diets are known for the best ingredient consistency. Remember to always have fresh available at all times.

Litter box choices for your kitty:

Buy a litter box large enough to lodge your cat. If you are adopting a kitten, be sure to select one large enough to contain her at full growth. If you have a multi-cat home, consider having 2 litter boxes per cat. There a different litter types, but we recommend the clumping litter. Deal with changing the litter pan everyday to keep it clean. Consider essential kitten potty and training kitty sets to balance stains and odors.

Cat treats:

Choose hard treats to help with your cats teeth and gums healthy. We recommend our pawTree cat store for the best options.

Cat / tabby carriers:

Confining your cat in a carrier provides a safe place in emergency kitty transport. The best transport carriers are available in many different sizes and sizes. Consider one large enough so your pet can comfortably stand, twist around, and have about 6 inch clearance from the head to kennel roof. Guide to flying with your pet from

Best Feline Collars:

For feline safety, cats should only wear these specifically designed cat collars.

Finest toys and kitty scratching posts:

The best feline toys and scratching posts are available to keep your kitty entertained and prevent your things being ruined!

Perfect grooming aids for your best friend:

  • Flea combs.
    • If you live in a area where fleas are a problem, be sure to use the flea comb regularly.
    • Regular combing is healthy for the skin.
  • Wash mitt and brush.
    • Using a wash mitt will keep her coat in shiny condition for years during her lifetime.

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