Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania has recently affixed his signature to Senate Bill 746, introducing significant changes to the existing Dog Law.

These alterations aim to uplift public safety, optimize kennel standards, and protect dog patrons and adopters.

With Senator Elder Vogel spearheading the bill, it saw massive bipartisan approval, and the new dog law in Pa is set to be implemented 90 days after the signing.

Why is the New Pet Law Happening?

The new directives intensify the benchmarks for kennels, breeders, and animal shelters, emphasizing responsible pet ownership and striving to control the breeding of potentially threatening dogs.

The modifications, endorsed by the Shapiro Administration and the legislature, focus on improving the safety and welfare of the residential community and the dogs.

A remarkable change in the law is brought about regarding the funding for Pennsylvania dog wardens responsible for enforcing kennel standards and holding dog owners accountable.

The revised rule amends the longstanding fees for kennel and dog licenses, which affected the enforcement funds for the Dog Law. Pennsylvania dog licenses are vital in tracking lost dogs and limiting their numbers in animal shelters.

What Will The New Dog Law In Pa Cost Pennsylvanians?

The revised Dog Law mandates that all dogs in Pennsylvania need to be licensed either at the time of procurement or by the age of three months.

Selling or providing dogs for adoption must supply a dog license application. From March 1, 2024, the annual dog license cost will increase to $8.70, and the fees for a lifetime license will rise to $52.70.

The legislation also provides additional increments of $2 on December 1, 2025, and a $1 increase on December 1, 2027. Unlicensed dogs will attract heavy fines ranging from $100 to $500, plus court expenses.

New Dog Law In PA: UPDATED

New Dog Law In PA: UPDATED

New Law in PA Dangerous Dogs

The new law also hikes penalties for violations and necessitates registration for the ownership of a dangerous dog.

If a dog is labeled hazardous and attacked again, the owner must cover the dog’s housing cost during the legal proceedings.

From March 1, 2024, kennel license fees will increase, and the law requires kennels and shelters to include their license number in their ads.

They must also reveal breeder information, medical and vaccination records, and known biting incidents. Imported dogs will face a mandatory isolation period of at least 14 days.

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