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Meet Our Team

We are proud to provide excellent dog walking, pet sitting, and pet care services throughout Morrisville, PA.

Sitters4Critters employs a core staff of office employees, pet care technicians, grooming and exercise handlers totaling between 15 to 20 staff members. All of our staff are devoted pet lovers and are ready to show your pets as much love and affection as they receive at home. Our private in-home boarding homes are destined to create an outstanding experience for your pets. Our dedicated staff helps to ensure your pets are treated with the utmost care, love and respect.

Tristan H.

Owner & Pet Sitter
Tristan's Bio
A Bucks County native named Tristan is the founder, president and brains behind our company, and he largely has his mother to thank. His mom Luanne passed along her firm love for animals to her son, making it a natural move that Tristan eventually start his own dog walking Allentown, Pa business. He grew up with cats, came to become especially fond of dogs, and has a big place in his heart for pets of all shapes, sizes, species and breeds.

Tristan has studied animal behavior science, knows pet CPR, and is currently a Veterinarian Assistant at Banfield hospital.

Working seven days a week 365 days a year as a pet sitter Allentown, can be exhausting but being backed by a Veterinarian makes it all worth while.

“Tristan is a fabulous house sitter in Allentown,” Dr. Aumiller said. “Sitters4Critters ® is innovative. Their services and response to clients is right on target with HousePaws’ mission of outstanding customer service and quality patient care. I am super excited about working with Sitters4Critters!”

Tristan got his first taste of house sitting & pet care when he started working for a pet-sitting business in 2004 in Morrisville, Pa. Although that business eventually grew and Tristan was no longer needed, the love of professional pet care was in his veins. Backed by several years of hands-on experience, Tristan launched his own dog walker Allentown company in 2013 with the goal of connecting with clients in a truly special way. Tristan is a professional pet sitter Allentown, Pa.

For professional and reliable pet sitting Morrisville, or dog walker Allentown services, house sitter Allentown, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and your beloved pet.


Business Manager
Shayna's Bio
Hello, fellow Critter Lovers! My name is Shay and I am a pet sitter Feasterville-Trevose area. I am pleased to obtain a very important role in animal care! I have four wonderful dogs myself, as well as two very entertaining birdies. Animals have always played a huge part in my every day life. It is my passion to serve these extraordinary beings as well as their wonderful owners! In my future I hope to work with service animals and emotional support companions being that so much has proven them therapeutic in ones day to day life!

I have a life time of experience as a dog walker Feasterville-Trevose area of dogs, cats, reptiles and birds! Currently my families pack consists of a Papillon, a Poodle, a Fox Terrier, a Pitbull, a French Bulldog and a Newfoundland. My experience with dogs ranges from the tiniest of Teacups to the biggest of Mastiffs! Each individual dog has individual care and needs and I am more than capable of providing that for our furry friends!

My Flock of Birds consist of an Alexandrine Ringneck Parrot, a Blue Front Amazon, and a Cockatiel. I hold exotic pets dear to my heart. A 21 year old Ball Python holds my longest record of friendship, and the family Bearded Dragon pays a visit more often than none! My Experience in exotics ranges from Snakes and Lizards to Cockatoos and McCaws! What else can I say? Animal Care & as a pet sitter Feasterville-Trevose has become my true lifes purpose and I happily oblige! I’m quite the “Animal Whisperer!”

All in all, we are here today in concern to the best dog walker Feasterville-Trevose for your little (or even your big and fluffy) loved ones. Their needs are always the most important along side your own schedule and needs! Feeding, walking, medicating, and overall consideration of ones pet is crucial to both pets and owners! Home is where the pets are, and coming home to happy pets make it more than a home. I truly believe our pets are more often detrimental to our own health. We cherish our furry and feathered friends not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Having trusted professionals like myself, pet owners will find comfort and certainty that their pets have the best pet sitter Feasterville-Trevose in great hands throughout the day. I look forward to loving and caring for your pet just as much as you do! Thank you for your time and interest in Sitters4Critters!

Jennifer Q.

Pet Sitter
Jennifer's Bio
Hi there! My name is Jenn. I came to Sitters4Critters almost 3 years ago. Prior to that, I have worked for a pet care company called Content Critter out of Newark DE. My husband Gary is a resident Dr. over at Aria Bucks County. I loved the opportunity to continue working pet sitter Levittown company such as Sitters4Critters.

I am currently a daily dog walker & pet sitter Levittown some dog care weekends. I am dog walking full time ranging anywhere from 5 – 10 visits a day. Starting at 9am to about 4pm. I have given animals medicine when needed, cleaned up many unfortunate messes, and even drive a few dogs to close by parks for longer walks. I have multiple letters of recommendation from clients I can provide as well as one from my employer.
Currently I have a 4 year old Vizsla named Hobson. Hobson is the third dog that I have owned and he is my shadow. I got my first dog, Ally a Maltese when I was 15 after begging my parents for several years. Being my first dog I took her everywhere with me. I’m the one who trained her as well. I taught her to sit, speak,lay down, and potty trained her. The second dog I got was in college. I rescued a German Shepherd mix from the local pound. Even though she was my second dog she was my dog instead of the family dog. She was with me all through college and lived to be 11.

I am truly a dog/animal person. I told my husband before we were even engaged that if he wanted to keep me around he would always have a dog. I cannot imagine my life without one. I have always loved animals but favored dogs. Most members of my family own at least one dog.
I don’t have any offical dog training, but I do believe I have done a great job with training my own dogs. For our current dog Hobson we did take him to obedient class where they gave us better training skills on the basics. I have also helped a few clients with their dogs. For example, I have helped clients with leash training and some behavior issues. I am more than willing to take any classes or extra training. I would love to provide any dog care you may need.

Mike G.

Pet Sitter
Mike's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Brandon V.

Pet Sitter
Brandon's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Kelli B.

Pet Sitter
Kelli's Bio
Hello! My name is Kelli and I am a stay-at-home mother of two (both children are in full day school) I am a pet sitter Bensalem. I have 10+ years of experience with animals as well as a B.S. in Psychobiology (Human and Animal Behavior). My experience includes the following:

Growing up my father raised a kennel of Beagles – from the time I was a small child, I participated in all types of husbandry and training from birthing puppies to general and geriatric puppy care.

I grew up with cats and dogs and I currently have 3 furry children of my own (French Bulldog, Golden and Lab/Pit Mix) – some of my animals have been (and are currently) special needs animals requiring both geriatric care and overall special treatments for severe allergies, thyroid disorder, hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc.

In addition to my B.S. degree, I attended/completed a Small Animal Care program in vocational/high school. I worked as a Vet Tech for a small amount of time to help financially thru college before moving into research/institutional science as a Research Scientist focusing on rodent and rabbit care as well as human clinical research. I left the industry in 2005 to take care of my children. I have also worked as a part-time consultant during the years I have been home with my children, writing animal-based training manuals and developing/creating slide presentation modules for trainers in pre-clinical pharmaceuticals as well as academic research.

I am an extremely motivated, dependable, detail-oriented, pet sitter Bensalem, responsible and hard-working individual that enjoys being part of a team. I enjoy the outdoors and exercise and don’t mind getting my hands dirty, working rain or shine in any type of weather, and don’t mind getting smothered with animal kisses!

I can provide all my prospective clients references upon request. I look forward to helping you with your puppy care!

Nicole P.

Pet Sitter
Nicole's Bio
Nicole’s love of animals originated in her childhood, spent in Ewing, New Jersey where she helped raise and care for many animals including livestock, family pets, and riding horses. In 2016, Nicole moved to Pennsylvania with her husband and two cats. Nicole is motivated to be a loving, supportive mom, who is nurturing her brand new adoption. Nicole prides herself to be leading pet sitter Trenton-Hamilton.

Nicole is certified in pet CPR and finds working with pets very rewarding. Nicole loves being an animal sitter and connecting with the animals she works, relating to them, and learning about them. She loves her job because she gets to spend time with pets and become an integral part of her client’s extended family. With a wealth of animal medical knowledge she is able to alert clients to possible health concerns and improve their pets quality of life

Being a daily dog walker and pet sitter in Trenton and Hamilton has its challenges working almost 7 days a week, but receiving positive client feedback like this one; is the best!

“Nicole came to my house last minute while my family took an impromptu trip to the jersey shore. She cared for my 3 dogs Thor, Gimme, and Rosie. Thor needs 25 units of insulin and starting to get deaf– He needed a lot of attention and love. It seemed like Nicole and the Sitters4Critters team delivered my expectations and then some… I LOVE that Nicole spends extra time past what I ask for, and the report cards are awesome! Keep it up!”

In addition to running her very active personal lifestyle, Nicole enthusiastically supports various local animal sitter groups and participates in several local community organizations. She serves on her sons board of Jiujitsu and she loves her family with all her heart! She is looking forward to be your best pet sitter Trenton-Hamilton; today!

Glenda P.

Pet Sitter
Glenda's Bio
Hello, my name is Glenda pet sitter NE Philly and I have been working for Sitters4Critters since May 2017. I was looking for an administrative assistant position, which has been my career for the past 40 years, on Indeed.com when I came across the listing for a dog walker in NE. Philly. Since I was not having any luck finding an office position, I thought about that ad for dog walking and decided to check it out. I responded to the ad and within a week I started a new career. I cannot tell you how happy this move has made me (instead of working in an office with windows you cannot open). I love the dogs I walk and am always ready to meet new dogs to walk. The job allows for a flexible schedule, being outdoors and getting satisfaction knowing you are making sure the dogs are content until their owners come home.

My love for animals has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up my household always had a variety of pets that everyone helped care for including canaries, turtles, an aquarium and cats but the constant pet at all times was a dog. I currently live with my own dog named spot in Northeast Philadelphia. ( I think he gets jealous when I come home and he smells all the dogs I walk, Aha).

I’ve helped out family and friends with taking care of their pets when needed throughout my whole life because they trusted me and knew their animal would be safe.

I have always owned a pet and for me the attraction is the constant reminder of their devotion and loyalty they show you and how quickly they become your best friend along with how much care they need from you to stay healthy.

Stephanie T.

Pet Sitter
Stephanie's Bio
I began pet sitting when I was 18 along with my brother while he was in school for his Veterinarian degree. I eventually went to college and began teaching but over the years I became a pet sitter Morrisville, Yardley and dog-walked many dogs for family and friends. Most of the time it was not for a fee but there were times that it was.

One of my earliest memories involves the dogs I had as a child. A poodle named Poochie and a lab-mix named Brandy. Poochie was older and I don’t have too many memories of her but Brandy was one of my best friends. She was the absolute best dogs and one of the hardest to have let go of when I was 16. As an adult I wanted a dog, always, but knew I needed to be more responsible than I could commit to so I waited. Then 4 years ago my search began and when I saw his picture I knew he was mine. I adopted Harley when he was 10 months old and he is the sweetest most goofiest dog I have ever met! He’s a jack-Russell/pug mix and we love him to pieces! I do not have any formal dog training/experience aside from my own research.

Harley had a bad habit of pulling on his leash on walks, to the point he was choking. I then invested in a harness instead of a collar, kept him next to me when we walked, and rewarded him with treats when he didn’t pull.
A common habit I’ve encountered a lot is dogs who “hug”. I’ve coined this term for dogs who jump up to greet people with their front legs lol. Harley sometimes does this too. I will straighten my arm with my hand in the “stop” position and firmly but not aggressively say “No”. It works a majority of the time but is not fail proof. I’ve taught my children this same technique as well.

Thank you!

Eleni T.

Pet Sitter
Eleni's Bio
Hi there, my name is Eleni. Most people just call me Laney. I have resided in Burlington County, NJ, my whole life, and Bordentown is the place I call home.

Over a decade ago, I was in college becoming a Graphic Designer. The work was fun and rewarding; however, I decided to pursue an alternate career once I became a Pet Groomer. I was very fortunate to work alongside my close friend who is highly experienced in dog and cat grooming. She provided excellent training and encouraged me to develop the skills to groom almost two dozen breeds. I have always put forth my best effort and take every opportunity to learn the ropes in the business. I recently enrolled in animal care courses to develop my knowledge and become the best at what I do each day with Sitters 4 Critters. Upon completion, I will attain certifications in Pet Sitting, Dog Training, and Dog Grooming. I also remain a Graphic Designer on a casual basis; mainly assisting family, friends, and work-related projects.

There has never been a time in my life when pets were not a part of it. I have adopted almost 20 animals with such a wide array of personalities. As a child, my family primarily had dachshunds. Their names respectively; Jo-Jo #1, Jo-Jo #2, Morgan, Ransom, Jo-Jo #3, Bear, Zero, and Ellie. We also had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Yellow Lab, Beagle, Puggle, two Mallard ducks, and many turtles, frogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish.

I currently have two miniature dachshunds (longhair and shorthair), named Bear and Ellie (Ellie is pictured with me). We lost part of the pack fairly recently in the passing of my third dachshund, Ransom. I had him for over half of my life and experienced so much in his presence until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 17 years, 6 months and 7 days old.

In my free time, I love spending quality time and doing fun activities with my 6 year old son. I also enjoy participating in rallies with other members of my MINI Cooper groups. Other interests include watching documentaries, attending horror conventions, creating collages, and writing poetry.

Justin V.

Pet Taxi Driver & Back Up Pet Sitter
Justin's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Karin B.

Daily Dog Walker & Pet Sitter
Karin's Bio
Hi there, my name is Karin, I am a pet sitter Fairless Hills for Sitters4Critters. I joined the S4C in late 2017, but began as a client in 2016. I have been a dog sitter for family and friends, but this is the first time becoming a professional pet sitter. I went to the University of Kentucky and graduated with a business background. I moved from Detroit Michigan to become a State of New Jersey administrator, and currently live in Levittown.

I am surrounded with feral cats in Levittown, which I tend to carefully trap, get them spayed or neutered and released back to the wild. I try to prevent over population, but I still provide my colony plenty food and water to survive all the weather conditions. I also provide some shelter and leave my shed open so the cats have somewhere to go. I believe I will be the best kitten sitter for Sitters4Critters because of my knowledge and experience with all sorts of animals, exotics and avians.

I am a freelance writer and I run an online business. I love horseback riding and traveling, and include horseback riding in my travel plans. Please see my photography and Equestrian adventures here. Although my heart is more fond of cats, I enjoy dog walking for Sitters4Critters in Bucks County area. I am an experienced cat owner. I have Freddie, a brown tabby, who is special needs cat. He is my 3rd cat.

Since joining Sitters4Critters, I have done pet sitting for many dogs, cats, birds, and even hamsters! My experience has helped me get out of my comfort zone with cats, and try new things. Please reach out to me directly if you need any help or assistance!

I look forward helping Sitters4Critters long-term as a pet sitter Fairless Hills.

Mary S.

Pet Sitter
Mary's Bio
I always loved walking my dogs growing up and I owned horse which was very awesome growing up with. I then worked with elephants,camels, lorikeets, ponies and wallabies at the Philadelphia zoo. I have a great story to tell.

Pet Ownership Experience:
As a child we owned Dobermans so at an early age I knew big dogs were my favorite. When I was old enough to buy my own dog I bought a Rottweiler and then a Bloodhound and then my favorite breed was introduced to me the pitbull. I had a very loyal pitbull his name was Little Man and he was with me for 16 years he has been gone 1 year February 19 but he will always be in my heart. I still have 2 other pitbulls Manning and Reggie and and olde English named Dozer.

Dog Training Experience:
Any dog training techniques that I have are from watching TV shows or other people I am always willing to try and improve any new techniques or any new things out there to help stop dog pulling, dog jumping, and behavioral patterns.

Related pet grooming experience:
I also do professional dog grooming. I provide grooming out of my own home. I also do a pick-up and drop-off service if needed. I have multiple grooming tables, and a poised attitude to make you happy. I have been around animals my whole life and animals are my calling.

I am a professional Penns Landing dog walker and pet sitter serving Old City, Center City, Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Rittenhouse Square, Society Hill, China Town, University City. (or within 15 miles of) I look forward to helping you and your furry friend soon!

Ashley G.

Pet Sitter
Ashley's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Elianna L.

Pet Sitter
Elianna's Bio
Hello! My name is Elianna and I am entering my junior year of college at Boston University. I am studying Japanese, with a minor in International Relations, with a career goal of being a Japanese to English (or vice versa) translator interpreter, and/or localizer. I have 10+ years of experience with animals.

I find working with pets very rewarding. For a while I walked my sister’s dog, when he was very elderly and couldn’t even get down the stairs because of his arthritis. He was such an old man his walks weren’t very intense but it was still fun taking it slow and making sure he was feeling okay!

I currently have five cats and two chinchillas, and when I was younger I even did horseback riding! The oldest cat and one who is most attached to me (and annoys the heck out of my poor mother when I’m away at school!) is named Fezzik. He’s also the kitty in the picture! As you can see, he’s a real cuddlebug. The second oldest is Suki, a Russian Blue. After her comes our black cat, named Pumpkin. She is the ultimate sweetheart. Next comes Kismet (who I lovingly call Doofus because he is incredibly goofy) and Morgan, two tabbies who can often be found lounging together. The two get along very well, which is funny since none of the other cats seem to like each other! The two chinchillas’ names are Kyra and Marshmallow.

My favorite clients are Mac and Rocco in Feasterville-Trevose. I usually walk them on the weekends, so if you’re looking for a weekend pet sitter – I am probably your girl!

My whole life I’ve grown up around animals and so am happy to be helping out our furry companions through Sitters4Critters. Thanks for reading!

Wendy P.

Pet Sitter
Wendy's Bio

Hi, my name is Wendy. Born in Philadelphia, grew up in Levittown, Pa.  I am the pet sitter in Philadelphia. I began my career as a head teacher at the Goddard school and then transitioned into a part time Vet Tech with VSEC hospital in Langhorne, Pa.

I have several years experience pet sitting for friends and family as well as two years experience working at Veterinary Specialist Emergency Clinic (VSEC) before beginning work as a pet sitter Philadelphia.   I love dog sitting, making new pet buddies, and want to ensure they are as happy as can be. Prior working experience  classes have taught me how to interact with pets that may be a bit timid, or shy with new individuals.

My favorite moments as a professional pet sitter in the Philly area has to be the personal relationships I create over a long period of time.  I specialize in special needs pets and administering medications. Although dog sitting has its challenges once in a while, this client feedback about me makes it all worth while.

Wendy sends me daily photos of my dog Dallas. I receive a detailed report of how each visit goes and I could tell that he is being well taken care of mid day when she comes.  I’ve texted Wendy numerous of times when I am stuck at work, and Wendy comes to the house and feeds Dallas dinner.  I am very happy with my services”. – Christine T.

I am also a mother of two. In my spare time, I love to go to the beach and spend time with my bf! I am also currently a director of my daughters soft ball team. Tristan (the owner of Sitters4Critters) was so generous to sponsor our softball team, he seems to LOVE to be involved in community.


Pet Sitter
Carolyn's Bio
A few people may not feel good nurturing pets with special needs requirements, yet for Morrisville. PA, pet sitter Carolyn’s, it was like second nature.

Carolyn dependably realized that working with pets was her purpose in life. She began working for exotics at her first occupation out of secondary school, and she went ahead to get her bachelors degree from Philadelphia University to wind up a certified veterinary specialist. Presently she has over 15 years’ experience loving for her pets at home.

Her experience as a certified veterinary professional molded her emerge as a pet sitter in Morrisville.

“I think it influences my customers to feel good, regardless of whether they don’t have special needs”.

Carolyn works with Sitters4Critters as a part time dog sitter in Morrisville. Sitters4Critters is in Morrisville PA, around 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Sitters4Critters business pet sitting, pooch strolling, long-term house sitting stays and nurture special needs pets. That exceptional care can run from offering liquids to a felines and dogs to kidney inability to controlling insulin to a diabetic pet. She likewise offers “pet mani-pedis.”

Carolyn worked for around 15 years in smaller pets before seeking after a pet-sitting profession.

As an certified vet tech, she could do pretty much everything aside from analyze, recommend solution and perform medical procedure. She enjoyed the reprieve when she was pregnant with her child and began pet sitting, which she thought would be transitory. She had done pet sitting as supplemental income.

“It just took off so well, I never wanted to work in a corporate structure again.

She began working in a felines just veterinary work on, picking up a considerable measure of awesome involvement with felines. Be that as it may, when she discovered that the training would close, she needed to design her subsequent stage.

Sharon L.

Pet Sitter
Sharon's Bio
Sharon, the pet nanny expert in Levittown. PA, has been providing a dog and cat nanny service with more than five years experience as a professional pet sitter in the Lower Bucks County area (Levittown pa, Morrisville, Yardley, & Langhorne).

Sharon has professional pet sitting / pet nanny Levittown experience with small to medium size pets as well as special needs, pet wet nurse, exotics, birds, and guinea pigs. Sharon currently has a guinea pig but grew up with 3 dogs and 2 cats.

My pet nanny Levittown, Dog / Cat Nanny Services Qualifications:
Sharon graduated from Holy Family University with a physiology degree. During her studies, she was employed in the family textile business for more than 10 years.

Sharon pursued daycare and substitute teacher duties for twenty years with Bensalem and Newtown school districts. As time went on, Sharon became a sole owner in an in-home nanny service for children.

Sharon enjoys working with guinea pigs, dogs, cats, turtles, birds and exotics. She has been house sitting for 2-3 weeks at a time, which she has experience know-how of special needs and older pets as a nurse maid medication supervisor.

Sharon has observed a professional dog trainers (which allowed her to know dog behaviors and how to react to certain situations).

“I feel pets come towards me and are friendly to my commands because of my efficient pet nanny Levittown experience”.

“During my pet governess, I have handled hard situations such as emergencies and pet conduct with reliability and skills”.

What exactly do you get with the pet nanny in Levittown?
As a professional pet nanny Levittown, Morrisville, Yardley, and Langhorne, you will get the best dog / cat nanny has to offer in an area surrounded by special needs pet au pair with lots of energy. I will honor to be devoted to you and your pets needs.

I promise to write care notes and be the best pet baby sitter I can be. I will do pet care services you ask of me, as well as spend all my time with your loved ones.

Taylor J.

Pet Sitter
Taylor's Bio
Hi my name is Taylor! I’m a dog watcher in the Levittown/Bristol area.

I’ve always wanted a job dog / cat watching, they have always been such a big part of my life. I currently have 2 cats Raise and Trust. I’ve had cats my whole life and absolutely adore them. I saw Sitters4Critters was hiring for a cat watcher position and I applied!

We want to get a dog so bad but currently have a 2 and a half year old son Declan so once he’s a little older we’ll finally be able to get one. I am sure while dog watching with Sitters4Critters, I will be getting a dog sooner than later!

I am most comfortable with dogs and cats and would love to help you take care of yours! I have experience in administering medicine to animals. I’m so excited to be joining the team and getting to do what I love most is spending times with animals!

Taylor’s Pet Sitting / Dog Walking Reviews:
“Taylor is always dog walking during appointment arrival windows”. -Client Langhorne, PA

“Taylor is a clean neat, and organized dog walker“. -Client Levittown, PA

“Taylor is a knowledgable and professional dog watcher always eager to sit for my dogs” -Client Bristol, PA

“We are HAPPY with our pet walker, Taylor, our dogs adapted well” -Client Penndel, PA

“My cat is diabetic, and Taylor is experienced giving insulin injections for my Tabby” -Client Fairless Hills, Pa

“Taylor is a trustworthy pet sitter, we know what to expect from her and she knows what to expect” – Client Bristol, PA

Penny E.

Pet Sitter
Penny's Bio
Having grown up in Macungie, PA with all kinds of pets, from mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, I naturally developed a love for all of God’s little creatures. That has followed me throughout my entire life. I have farm sitter / sitting experience in Allentown, Pa with horses as well.

The first dog I adopted was an 11 month old German Shepherd who thought he was going to train me! He ended up being the most unbelievable dog who watched over my children and let everyone know that they were his charge. He lived to be 16 years old, and I still miss him every day.

I have been certified as a dog trainer, and had been a member for several years of the Lehigh Valley, PA Poodle Club. Today I have my own little group of rescues and walk them a mile ever day, come rain or shine. And I promise to come pet sit or dog walk at your Lower Macungie, PA home (or any home within 10 miles of Allentown, PA. I believe animals have the intuition to know whom to trust and whom to back away from. To this day, I have yet to meet an animal that has not warmed up to me.

Pet Care Advocate
I promote Blue Buffalo food for dogs on the weekends, and I love educating pet lovers in the Lower Macungie, Pa, Allentown, and Lehigh Valley area. I would love to meet you and your loved ones and discuss your needs personally. If you have any farm sitting or horse stall cleaning needs, I am your gal! Contact Sitters4Critters today, and I’ll be your best dog walker or pet sitter!

Sandy P.

Pet Sitter
Sandy's Bio
Hi there, my name is Sandy. I am the weekend and evening pet sitter, Penndel PA, and daily dog walker in Bucks County.

My favorite dog: Was named champ. Someone was looking for a home for a dog they found so I ended up taking him. He was the best dog. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer he would be by my side and when my husband died, he was my best friend always with me. He was always laying his head on my lap whenever I was upset. My champion rested right by my bed every night. He was just always there for me, when I would go outside without him he would just stand at the window and cry for me – we were just never apart.

My favorite cat: Tyrone was my favorite cat. He was the first cat we had when we got married. He would go and get a cat ball and bring it back to you play fetch with a dog. LOL. He would try and jump on the fridge every time you opened it, and would let the female cat eat first all the time. He loved laying in window sun bathing every morning.

My professional pet sitting & daily dog walker experience has been at the K9 Resorts, & I also took Zen dog training courses. As a kid, I always had dogs and cats to take care of. As an adult, we always had between 2-4 dogs and up to 3 cats at a time. With my experience and training over the years, I am confident in my abilities to tailor to your pets special needs or medication administration. I will leave you special care notes and update you with pictures.

I hope to work at Sitters4Critters for as long as I can survive on this planet. I will vow to keep your animals happy and safe. You will not be disappointed as I hold my animal care taking to the highest of standards. Lets be in touch soon!
I mostly do pet sitting & daily dog walking in Penndel, Langhorne, Levittown, Feasterville-Trevose, Bensalem, and 15 miles surrounding those areas.

Melanie M.

Pet Sitter
Melanie's Bio

Hey ya’ll my name is Melanie. I am a county girl at heart living in a city world. My love, compassion, and devotion for animals stem from a very early age. My first pet was a dog named Misty when I was just one year old. My second pet was our family cat named Fluffy and boy was she sassy. Unfortunately, when that dreadful time came, we made the decision to let her go and to not let her suffer. I was so heartbroken but in that moment I knew I was destined to live my life giving any and every animal all the love and care it needed and deserved. Since then I have mainly had cats. My first very own pet was the most beautiful calico I had ever seen. Her name was Buttercup. We had 15 glorious years together and she was my EVERYTHING! But just like every living creature, there is a time that they must cross the rainbow bridge. I miss her deeply, however, her sissy Lucky boo boo kitty is the sweetest most affectionate black beauty that takes those sad moments and turns them into purrrrtastic memories. So I am super excited to join this fantastic family of fur-loving people and spread all the love to your precious pets whether it be a daily walk or a snuggle pet sitting session, my heart and services are spread miles wide.

Jennifer P.

Jennifer's Bio

Bio coming soon

Krista D.

Krista's Bio

Bio coming soon

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We are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and requests. We understand that no two pets are alike and we pride ourselves on personal, professional one-on-one care for all of our lovable, furry friends!