Part 2 Bringing a New Cat into Your Home!

Part 2 Bringing a New Cat into Your Home

Part 2 Bringing a New Cat into Your Home

So your new cat or kitten is out of the ‘Bonding Room’ and confident enough to explore their new home. Your new arrival will need time to get used to the sounds and smells of their new environment. Voices, a ringing telephone, and even the washing machine are all things that may startle him or her at first but, unless they are exceptionally nervous, they should soon start to settle down.

It’s quite common for new pets to be reluctant to eat and drink and to use the litter tray for the first 48 hours. Try not to worry, as most cats can withhold these functions for a few days! However, if your new cat or kitten is still not eating after two or three days then ask your vet for advice.

If you plan to let your cat outdoors don’t do so straightaway. A new cat should be kept indoors for about two weeks. This will prevent them returning back to their former residence (if they have one) or simply getting lost. You should also make sure that your cat is neutered and, for extra peace of mind, micro-chipped. It’s useful to let your new cat outside for the first time just before a meal; this way they will be hungry so more likely to return quite quickly. Stand at the open door, let them explore their new territory, and then rattle the biscuit box. By gradually introducing your cat to the outdoors in this way you can be confident that they will become familiar with their surroundings and know how to get back home.

By following these simple suggestions, introducing a new cat to your home should be a pleasurable and stress-free process, resulting in a calm, safe and friendly environment for both felines and humans alike.

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