Perfect Pet Match Local Shelters, Not Breeder!

Perfect Pet Match Local Shelters, Not Breeder!

Perfect Pet Match Local Shelters, Not Breeder!

Ever notice that people and their pets sometimes start to look alike? Hang out at the dog park and you’ll instantly know the frizzy-haired lady is the one who owns the poodle. The guy with droopy jowls must be the bulldog’s papa. And that slinky, mysterious-looking gal, well, she may have a greyhound in tow, but you also know she has to have some cats.

While looking like your pet may be cool, acting like him or her is downright hilarious. This video of people imitating dogs at the dog park proves it:

This video will make you laugh  uncontrollably!  The message here is to adopt from a rescue, not breeder! This post has went viral, Millions of people have viewed it!

People come in all shapes, sizes and types, which is the same kind of mix you’ll find at the local shelters. That’s also one of the top reasons to head to a shelter instead of a breeder when it comes to adopting a pet. Your perfectly unique match is waiting just for you!

Top Reasons to Adopt from a Shelter Instead of Buy from a Breeder

If finding your perfectly unique match is not enough incentive, here come a few more:

  • The animals really need a home. National statistics from the ASPCA say about 7.6 million companion animals end up in shelters every year. Nearly 4 million are dogs; more than 3 million are cats.
  • You’re saving a life. Even though Bucks County alone has more than 70 shelters, there aren’t enough shelters in the nation to indefinitely house all those homeless pets. The ASPCA reports about 2.7 are euthanized every year.
  • Your new pet knows you saved them. Time and again I’ve heard – and seen – the sheer gratitude on shelter animals’ faces when someone gives them a forever home. Most reward your kindness with eternal love and appreciation.

One more big perk is the cost. Shelter adoptions are far less costly than buying from a breeder, leaving you with leftover funds to shower your new pal with goodies! You can even show your support by wearing a dog rescue t-shirt

Find a Perfect Pet Match at Local Shelters, Not Breeder HERE (For rescues in Pa)

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