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The New Pet Care Standard

Sitters4Critters ® elevates the pet care standard by implementing a bar code in companion care and dog running. We’ve discovered new standards of accountability and client confidence by obtaining Pet Check Technology. This program is a proprietary process that assures all parties with real-time certainty that your pet is being taken care of. They do this by using mobile bar code expertise, online tools, GPS tracking, and electronic mail alerts for accuracy and convenience.   You’ll be able to monitor the GPS coordinates of your dog’s walks, as well as manage your dog-walking schedule through the encrypted Sitters4Critters management page online. Automated reporting of arrival and departure times arrive by electronic mail, so you can see exactly when your pet was walked.

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Leveled up Bar Code Technology

When you hire Sitters4Critters ®, a one-of-a-kind bar code containing an individual identification code is created and printed for your residence. We print bar codes on magnet strips and place them on your refrigerator for simple accessibility by our dog walkers. Magnets are seldom removed or misplaced. If you prefer to leave your magnet in another safe place, that is all right with us!

LIVE peace of mind certainty

Our dog walkers are equipped with this service on their mobile devices, enabling them to scan your personalized bar codes. Walkers scan your bar code on entry and exit, and these scans are processed by the company server in actual time. The bar code knowledge is synchronized to your schedule and is verified for accuracy. You can opt to receive a real-time electronic mail alert each time your walker arrives and departs from your home. In the event you do not get electronic mail notifications, let us know and we will be happy to provide you a copy of your report.

Email or Electronic Alerts

You can opt to receive real-time electronic alerts each time your walker arrives and departs from your home.

GPS Tracking Capabilities

After you get your real-time alert confirming our walkers arrival to your home, you can log on to your secure Sitters4Critters management page online to track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk. You’ll never  second-guess where or how long your dog was walked with Sitters4Critters’ patented technique.

All at the tip of your fingertips

PCT provides you with a secure, personalized schedule-management page to help you manage your dog-walking schedule. You can view past & future scheduled dog walks, as well as make requests outside of your normal dog-walking schedule, if necessary. Once a request is made for an additional walk, you will get a confirmation email from Sitters4Critters within 24 hours.

What does it cost?

Sitters4Critters ® waives the fee and processing charge when you sign up for service. We cover the fee including programming time and printed bar code labels. *This is for new clients* In the event you lose or destroy your magnet, it is $25 to replace.

Concealment Policy

Sitters4Critters ® values your privacy and maintains a strict security policy.  Contact us for questions about this.

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