Pet dangers- Thanksgiving

Pet Dangers- Thanksgiving 866-387-3874

Pet Dangers- Thanksgiving 866-387-3874

Pet dangers- Thanksgiving- Its almost year ending and we have plenty to give thanks for.  Many people are back to work, started a family, and probably brought home a new pooches or kitten.  We give so much attention when its not holidays but have we considered the Pet Dangers- Thanksgiving?

We all know Thanksgiving is a close time with family and friends, food is bountiful and we are thankful for everything we’ve got but be considerate for your pets well-being.

One common pet danger to watch out for is PancreatitisPancreatitis is the most common illness from table food.  The pets pancreas becomes inflamed, very painful and cause nausea.

Other signs and symptoms: Vomiting, belly pain, loss of appetite, loose stool, dehydration, irregular heartbeat.

If you do not treat Pancreatitis, IT CAN BE FATAL.

Possible treatments: IV fluids, medicines, bland diet.

Award-winning 24-7 clinic we use is VSEC.  However, if you have an emergency within business hours use Animal hospital of Levittown

Pet dangers- Thanksgiving Cooked Bones- Certain Death

Any cooked bones. turkey bones especially can cause splinters in your pets’ stomach and throat.  Cooked bones are certain death but seek immediate veterinarian assistance  to try and save pooches life.  Similarly, Salmonella can be found inside the bone so keep a look out for that!

The costs associated with animals eating raw or cooked chicken bones could be detrimental to your wallet as well.. Your pet can become dehydrated, requiring IV fluids, antibodies, and additional testing to determine actual surgical needs to remove the objects.  Time is of the essence as this can be crucial to save your pet from agonizing death.

Visitor Traffic and Chaos-

Much of your visitors and family around the holidays create a lot of traffic and chaos.  This visitor traffic causes stress on pooches.  Make sure you create “quiet zones” so they can have alone time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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