How to keep pet firework anxiety at a minimum?

Pet firework anxiety: How To Keep Anxious Pets Calm

Pet firework anxiety: How To Keep Anxious Pets Calm

Pet firework anxiety: How To Keep Anxious Pets Calm: According to a recent finding, more than 70% of pet owners have furry friends that are scared of lightening and fireworks. Are you afraid and concerned about your pet firework anxiety displays are hosted near them? Are you worried if your pets will feel uncomfortable and even die due to extreme noises? You cannot ask the firework to be quiet; thus, you should find methods that will reduce the impact fireworks can have on your pets. And, this article will help you with this!

Be Prepared!

First of all, you must know where and when firework displays will be hosted. Also, you must figure out how close the impact can reach your dog! Keep track of these days, so that you know when you should devour extra care for your pets. In case you fear the fireworks can be heard from your home, make use of the following precautions:

The Power of Desensitization

Prepare your pet for the loud day. Expose your furry friend to loud noises before the actual day. This will reduce your dog’s sensitivity to loud sounds. Desensitization is a powerful technique that brings down the phobia of noises. To cut down the effect of fireworks, you must use familiar sounds around your pet. Music from the television and stereo would do the trick! However, make sure the sounds are not ridiculous or unpleasant.

Prepare Your House!

Next, you must prepare the house carefully. Always remember that your home should be safe and sound for dogs. It should be marked as a pet safety zone! Thus, keep the lights on! According to experts, lights can calm dogs, making them feel safe and secure. Never leave dogs in a dark room, when fireworks are launched nearby. Try to dampen the loud noise. Close the room door, windows and curtains. If your dog lives in a kennel, cover it up! However, make sure the animal is able to breathe effortlessly.

Last but certainly not least, make your dog’s home comfortable. Choose an inner room with many toys, cushions and pillows. The room should be small, so that your dog will not hurt himself by running around during fireworks. To make the room comfortable, you can do the following:

  • Place clean bedding in one corner of the room.
  • Make sure the room has a pleasant, cozy temperature.
  • Use lavender to calm dogs. Most dogs like the shade and odor of lavender items.
  • Consider drugs prescribed by a Veterinarian I.E: Alprazalam, Xnax, Trazadone, Ace (to name a few).