Best Guide to Pet Obesity

We all love spoiling our little munchkins, buying them the most delicious foods, the most expensive toys and making sure they’re treated like the kings and queens that they are, but  sometimes we go a little overboard. Of course, your cat may seem happier if she’s round and puffy, but beware, obesity affects all creatures! This is a sad statement because it is quite clearly too common nowadays. You might find it cute, and your pet may look satisfied, but it is seriously dangerous. You wouldn’t be that happy if you saw a morbidly obese child would you? Why is that? Well the obvious answer is the health problems that child will have to endure. So why do people act like fattening their pets is okay yet when it comes to humans it’s super scary? The sad reality is that there really isn’t any difference between the two. Obesity shortens a cat’s life as much as it does a human’s life. So every time you look at your pet, and you see that they’re becoming quite round, remember that obesity takes 10 years away from your pet. That’s right; your pet will only live up to 5-6 years if he or she is obese.

Best Guide to Pet Obesity

This is what National Pet Obesity Awareness Day is for. We need to spread awareness because this is a very serious matter! So, instead of thinking about what costume you’ll be wearing for Halloween, or what scary movies you’ll be watching to get into the mood, take a few minutes of your day to examine your pet. Look up the healthy weight your pet should have and compare it with your pet’s weight. If your pet is in the green zone then pat yourself on the back, but if he or she is clearly nowhere near that amount, then you need to make a few changes in your pet’s diet. Your pet may not agree with this, but despite that you must always remember that you are doing this for his or her life, and nothing is more important than that!

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For more obesity prevention see also the tips from the VCA.

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