Can I have a word with all you pet owners out there?


Pet Owners

*Attention* Lets Have A Word!

Attention Pet Owners, it is about time we have a word!

I understand the NEED to want save money on pet care, (particularly animal sitting)

Wouldn’t you agree that your pet is just as important as your CHILD?

I would hope so!

I constantly get phone calls, and the first thing people want to know is my price!

Why put a price on peace of mind when we are proven offer the best service possible in the surrounding Philadelphia and South Jersey area?

Sitters4Critters- is full service offering proprietary GPS tracking services to track your animal walkers’ route with your pets.

-Take Sitters4Critters seriously-

We constantly hear from other animal sitters they are getting treated like a door mat.

Let me tell you this- We are not money driven, but aren’t cheap and expect to be paid equally like any other trade; if not more.

We spend countless hours caring for your loved ones treating them like they are our own.

What does the general public perceive a animal sitter?

I wake up every day with passion, with purpose to run my business as a business…

Everything gets questioned about us, but yet, we never question you on how you take care of your furry friends.

What Really Needs To Change Today!

Understand that Sitters4Critters does this as a profession!

Profession: noun. A paid occupation, esp. one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification!

What am I trying to say?

The word I need to have with you, is to take your animal sitter more seriously!

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