Things To Consider Before Getting Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits and children are usually not a good combination, and lots of rabbits tend to fear small children, which means that you should hesitate if your son or daughter has requested a rabbit as a pet. When selecting a pet for your family, consider what kind of animal will be suitable, because certain pets are undoubtedly better for children, particularly older kids.

While some animals enjoy being petted and held, the majority of rabbits do not enjoy this — in contrast to the stereotypical image of rabbits as cuddly creatures. Rabbits are fairly delicate, and it is quite common for them to suffer injuries, and break bones whilst attempting to run from someone’s grasp. They can scratch you hard with their nails, and frequently kick and fight if you attempt to pick them up.

Many small kids like running and playing, and can regularly be quite noisy. This is another reason why rabbits are unsuitable pets because rabbits are usually quiet, timid and easily frightened. A surprised rabbit might even have a cardiac arrest. Nonetheless, rabbits are sociable creatures and enjoy being around people. Often, these animals will approach children who are playing quietly or sitting reading.

Lots of parents believe that purchasing a rabbit as a pet is wise because it will help their child to become more responsible. Although this motivation is laudable, you should still remember that rabbits are a poor choice of pet for small kids. If you purchase a rabbit as a pet, you need to be ready for your son or daughter to get bored with caring for it, and you might wind up taking this responsibility on yourself.

Being a rabbit owner brings with it numerous chores that have to be performed frequently, and these are a good way to teach kids to be responsible, particularly older children. Cleaning the litter box is a good task for an older, responsible child because it involves teaching the animal to change its’ toilet habits. You might wish to allocate an adult to supervise this task, at least initially, however, lots of teenagers can perform the chore correctly. If you own a rabbit, remember that you will have to groom the animal frequently, spend time playing with it, cut its’ nails and give it fresh food and water.

Pet rabbits are not toys and, because they are delicate and easily frightened, you should think carefully about whether they are the best pet for your situation. However, if your children are older, taking care of a rabbit might be a good option. Do not leave a rabbit under the care of a child who is not responsible or mature enough to correctly look after it. Instead, the animal should be thought of as everyone’s responsibility. Pet rabbits can bring happiness and joy to your family, however, it is vital to take the above points into account, prior to going out and buying that lovely bunny. Speak to your children to ensure that they are definitely ready for the challenge of caring for a pet.

If you have any doubts, it is far better to put off and consider other options, because the last thing you want is to purchase a pet that you can not look after properly.