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Karin B Pet Sitter Fairless Hills, Pa

Pet Sitter Fairless Hills, Pa Karin B.

Hi there, my name is Karin, I am a pet sitter Fairless Hills for Sitters4Critters.  I joined the S4C in late 2017, but began as a client in 2016.  I have been a dog sitter for family and friends, but this is the first time becoming a professional pet sitter.  I went to the University of Kentucky and graduated with a business back ground.  I moved from Detroit Michigan to become a State of New Jersey administrator, and currently live in Levittown.

I am surrounded with feral cats in Levittown, which I tend to carefully trap, get them spayed or neutered and released back to the wild.  I try to prevent over population, but I still provide my colony plenty food and water to survive all the weather conditions.  I also provide some shelter and leave my shed open so the cats have somewhere to go.  I believe I will be the best kitten sitter for Sitters4Critters because of my knowledge and experience with all sorts of animals, exotics and avians.

I am a freelance writer and I run an online business. I love horseback riding and traveling, and include horseback riding in my travel plans. Please see my photography and Equestrian adventures here. Although my heart is more fond of cats, I enjoy dog walking for Sitters4Critters in Bucks County area. I am am experienced cat owner. I have Freddie, a brown tabby, who is special needs cat. He is my 3rd cat.

Since joining Sitters4Critters, I have done pet sitting for many dogs, cats, birds, and even hamsters!  My experience has helped me get out of my comfort zone with cats, and try new things.  Please reach out to me directly if you need any help or assistance!

I look forward helping Sitters4Critters long-term as a pet sitter Fairless Hills.

-Karen B.

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